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SOTO's Vincent for The Freak 4

By HellboySoto
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I'm a big Hellboy fan and that kinda leads me to like another character played by the same actor: Vincent from the 80s Beauty and the Beast.
This is my first character, and thus, it's very special to me. I hope you enjoy using him as much as I did creating it. It comes with custom morphs, genital fit, conforming hair figure, many material presets and fits for it, high quality texture maps (including genitals) and Poser and Daz Studio Material Presets to apply them all. Have fun!!!


- CUSTOM MORPHS (Face, Nipples, Fangs Up, Fangs Down, Claws)
- BODY AND FACE TEXTURE MAPS (including genitals)
- POSER (5 and up) AND DAZ STUDIO (2 and up) MATERIALS

Only The Freak 4 is required (for the body morph) No morph++, creature, muscle or other morphs required.

Tested it in Poser 7, Daz Studio 2, Daz Studio 3 and LuxRender via Reality.
Tested in Windows 7 64 Bits only.

It is marked as "non-commercial" only, and the readme mention this too, but I did not explained myself right. I meant non-commercial for works including the image of Vincent or any other copyrighted character. Just the same as you would behave with any other product sold at Daz3d.com or elsewhere.

But otherwise, of course you can use this on commercial works as well! Feel totally free to do so!!

The morphs are locked in the individual parts to avoid accidental messing. But you can adjust them if the whole body is selected.

This was created with The Freak 4 in mind. But he is not a total must. The face morph actually zero The Freak 4 features, so he will look just the same in Michael 4. And you can apply your favorite Michael 4 body instead. Some INJ and REM files will call for Freak4's settings. But just turning them off should do the trick.


Mirror link in ShareCG: [link]
© 2012 - 2020 HellboySoto
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JoePingleton Filmographer
Thank you so much for sharing this with us :happybounce: 
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He looks fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing!
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First of all I'd like to say thank you for making this model.  Vincent was a fan favorite back when the series was on TV.  I just finally got a pc that can attempt cg creation.  Is there a daz3d guide on how to install this? I'm a total novice at this and any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.
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OlgaRodrzHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you.
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This is still one of my favorite Freak 4 characters. I just wish he was compatible with Genisis 3. But only G2 has the Gen 4 character morphs.

Anyways I absolutely love this. great job
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KnittingmommyHobbyist Digital Artist
Fantastic.  I didn't know you had this until I read your post over in the Commons regarding Ron Perlman's Facebook post.  Awesome!  :)
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A outstanding work.
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dionn12345678910Professional Interface Designer
I'm not gonna lie he's hot. I like the small details you did. Thanks for sharing him.

This may me over looking. The chin hair kinda looks like tree roots if you look at it long enough ^_^T

Hope you don't mind if I use this pic in a self game texture pack.
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BecarraHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow! Thank you sooo much for this! I'll definitely be playing with this bad boy :)
Eiwynn's avatar
Thank you. Great Work :)
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PurpleBonezHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for this link here. I've seen this on ShareCG and always wanted to grab it but I couldn't because I don't have a broadband connection and ShareCG's set up pretty much ensures that trying to obtain a file from their servers without a fast connection is frustratingly impossible. Unfortunate really, because a lot of people with slower connections can never get those exclusive files on there. This character is fantastic!
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HellboySotoProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you! Glad you think so! All free stuff done by me can be downloaded at jc-soto.com if you ever need something else and don`t want to use sharecg. :)
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itsMUSCLEMANHobbyist Digital Artist
wow! what underwear has he (almost) got on? ;) 
HellboySoto's avatar
HellboySotoProfessional Digital Artist
It`s a g-string I did specifically for him. I have an updated version somewhere. I may release it some day. :)
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barkdrStudent Traditional Artist
I'm a huge fan of BATB! This is SO well done.  Wow. I would have paid money for this :)  May I second the request you consider releasing the g-string - it suits (pun intended) him well!  Anyway, thanks for sharing your work!
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itsMUSCLEMANHobbyist Digital Artist
oh man pleeeaaase do! 
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SweetbananadreamsHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow he is incredible, I cannot wait to use him and thanks so much for sharing him !! 
HellboySoto's avatar
HellboySotoProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you! Hope you enjoy him!
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I always loved your creations (Flat Top, Bandana...), but this is just outstanding! I would really love to use the hair on Genesis. It would make a fantastic savage character! What files do I need to install to get the hair to work?
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great work, just fantastic ...
HellboySoto's avatar
HellboySotoProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you!!
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UkuliHobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much for making him. :) He's gorgeous.
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HellboySotoProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks! Have fun!
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