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Mr. Hyde

By HellboySoto
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Just playing with DAZ Studio 4’s SSS. It’s been there since years ago, but I really never used it. Also trying some IBL. I always use spotlights, but wanted to try something different as well.
This are my first renders using the 3Delight standalone renderer. I like it. I can render and keep working in DS at the same time, or render later and stuff. Its nice (and faster).

Also playing with my favorite Genesis character so far: Mr. Hyde.
This is such an awesome character! The body is all out of the box. The face is a mix of Mr. Hyde, Abominable, Ethnicity and Evolution.
Thong is mine. Can’t believe how easy is to rig stuff now.

SCENE: DAZ Studio 4 Pro
RENDER: DAZ Studio 4
NO POSTWORK (only the background added)
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I bet he could wrestle 50 guys at once and CRUSH them all!!  What a BODY!!!
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looks like I put too many flintstone vitamins in his smoothie again.  darn me!
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So it's your fault then! Wink/Razz
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well, yes.  just that the vitiamins were kinda clumped together.  came out in one piece.  or were they vitamins?  Just there is a lot of Mr. Hyde to appreciate and drool over.
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Your work never ceases to amaze me.

If possible, I'd like to see your settings for this one as well.
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please can you share the snap shot of your sss setting or shader you used on Mr. Hyde Genesis.
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Its almos 3:00 am and I read "can you share a snap shot of your ASS"
Sure, let me see if I still have the scene and where I put it. I'm a mess. I think I just changed the color to something more redish and turned up the %. Let me check. :)
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no problem i wait :) you should complete your sleep. have a nice dream. :)
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Very nice...And I see you've changed to an interesting new avatar LOL. <3
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Thank you!
Nah, its the same one since I set an avatar here. :)
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how did i miss this?
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you are genius
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LOL! Not at all, but thanks!! :la:
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