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Aquaman Tattoos for Genesis 8 Male

Character  Aquaman

A gift for my Level 4 patrons at

Full body Aquaman tattoos for Genesis 8 Male.

Includes three versions:

- Geometry Shell

- Diffuse Overlay

- Preset for Maxx HD Megapack's custom skin shader (Maxx required)

All versions come as Hierarchical Material Presets, meaning, they will automatically apply the genitals material if the genitals are loaded.

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This looks amazing!😍

Astounding!! Is the scallop shell and pearl posing strap available somewhere?

Amazing my wife is so in love with this guy i am making this a full size wall piece for her closet

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I'd like to get this tattoo set. But not sure about your patreon .. you say level 4 .. but you only have one tier? .. Soooooooo how does that work?

Happy to just paypal you some money if you like.

HellboySoto's avatar

I used to have 4 levels before, now only one. You can get the tattoos on the current membership level. :)

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Juan Carlos, this looks amazing!

itsMUSCLEMAN's avatar

love this and you

KnightTek's avatar

Amazing work!!! :-)

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Holy cow! Fantastic work!
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I would be more interested in the morph and this phantastic merman-loincloth!

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