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I've been working on my blog design with my boyfriend for the past two months and i'm glad to say that it's finally over. On this blog i will be talking about my job as a graphic designer and illustrator but also on my work in photography and jewel crafting. I'll be talking about the way i work, the techniques i use but also about where i get my inspiration. I'll also try to write about other artists that i like and maybe do some interviews cause i always find it interesting to know how other people work!
For now, it will only be in french because i don't feel comfortable enough to write a long article that would be agreeable to read in english, but i'm doing my best to be able to someday soon. So for those of you who can read french, i hope you will find it interesting and for the others, i hope you will like the design!

You can check it out here:
Hey everybody!

Here is my entry to the new mythical creature design challenge, if you like it, please vote for me and share my deviation!
Thanks a lot and good luck to all the contestants!
Hello everybody!

If you like the artwork you can see on my gallery, you can now buy originals, jewels, figurines and many other products on my two webshops:
On "a little market" for french speaking customers:…
On Etsy for all other customers:
This last one is all new, there should be many more paintings, figurines and jewels soon!