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The Middle Years cover by DoubleDandE

By hellbat
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This is my prize I won in a raffle held by :icondoubledande: on FB.  The winner of the raffle basically got to make a request of their choice, so I asked for a cover for Cybertron: The Middle Years comic that me and :iconjoeteanby: had then recently completed.  I knew :icondoubledande: would come up with something cool as he'd previously done amazing jobs on colouring my line art on comic's I'd done for :icontf-tvc: and :iconregenerationplus:  I really love how this has come out, his original style works really well on these characters and background looks cool too.  I just added the logo and title.  If you want to check out the artwork without any text obscuring it, :icondoubledande: will be uploading it to his gallery soon, please check it out there.

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Fabulous cover! That's a great image.
I don't imagine Xaaron is going to be that good in hand to hand combat... :)
I like the riveted lettering too.
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I don't think Xaaron would last too long against Straxus.  Unless, the Wreckers can get there in time to save the day ;)
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Looks like he's got a pretty cool weapon though. :)
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You can't beat a good old fashioned light sabre.
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DoubleDandE General Artist
It really pops out nice, especially with that title. 
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Yeah, it's just a shame it has to obscure some of your amazing artwork.
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DoubleDandE General Artist
That's all right, I think it adds to it. 
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Xaaron: It's just you and me, Straxus.
Straxus: No, it's just me, Emirate
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Those lines would be perfect for this scene.
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