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Middle Years - page 6

This is based on short text only story from the Transformers UK comics, which briefly explains events happening on Cybertron after the Ark & Nemesis spacecraft's, and their respective crews leave Cybertron, leading up to Operation Volcano in the Target 2006 story.

The awesome colours have been done by :iconjoeteanby:
Lines done by myself :iconhellbat:



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Bravo work from both you & Joe as ever :) 
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M3Gr1ml0ck's avatar
"By your command" is a BSG Cylone reference?
And Tyger Pax!
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Oh yes, Ultracons.  Well noticed.
Its sort of a Cylon reference.  I just thought it sounded suitable there.
It was as good a place as any ;)  In fact, the background in that bottom panel is loosely based on the Tagen heights.
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This was wonderful, thank you!
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My pleasure, glad you enjoyed it.
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I've loved working on this. Your awesome art work has been so much fun to colour.
The story has been great and it's been cool to see all the cameos. You must've fit in so many characters! Triton and Lugnut look fantastic!
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Thanks Joe.  You did an awesome job with the colours all the way through and it was a pleasure collaborating with you once again.  Yeah, I actually enjoyed getting to throw in so many comeos.  Triton and Lugnut, and that panel in general was one of my favourites too.
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