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Middle Years page 3

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This is based on short text only story from the Transformers UK comics, which briefly explains events happening on Cybertron after the Ark & Nemesis spacecraft's, and their respective crews leave Cybertron, leading up to Operation Volcano in the Target 2006 story.

Panel 3 is a little homage to the cover of Transformers Generation 2 #5.

The awesome colours have been done by :iconjoeteanby:
Lines done by myself :iconhellbat:

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Cameo seen:
Panel 2: Guzzle (a Sparkabot), and female autobots Elita One and Firestar. (the latter two first appeared in Transformers 80's cartoon episode 53, "The Search for Alpha Trion." Elita One is the leader of a group of Female Autobots in that episode and lover of Optimum Prime. Firestar is part of Elita One's group of Female Autobots, close friend/lover of G1 Inferno, and mentor of Flareup, a another female autobot.) 
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Spot on with all three, although there's actually two Sparkabots (I'm not sure now but think he should've been red instead of blue) ;)
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M3Gr1ml0ckHobbyist Artist
Awesomwe G2 tribute.

And I think I detected two Sparkabots in panel 2.

Is the Hall in panel 1 based on the Citistate Hall of "Seeds Of Deception"?
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Thanks Franco.  Yeah, I threw a couple of the Sparkabots in there and yes I did loosely base the hall on the Citistate hall from SoD.
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This page came together great! Really enjoyed colouring that last panel in particular. Your line art keeps getting better and better. Possibly my favourite page yet of the series. :)
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Cheers Joe.  Yeah, that was a fun panel to draw.  Although I did run out of ink and couldn't get hold of any descent pens to replace so had to make do with so cheap pens from the pound shop.
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I feel your pain. You can always count on Poundland. XD 
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darthpaul99Hobbyist Digital Artist
In the second panel with Aleta One leading the Autobots to battle, is that green and yellow guy based off of one of the micromasters? He looks like one of the guys in the military team that I used to have. If so, that's quite an obscure cameo and I probably wouldn't have noticed it if I didn't used to own the toy. If not, then, I guess it's just a coincidence, yet I know that the real TF comics do stuff like that all the time with obscure characters in the background. 8-)
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No it's actually Guzzle, one of the Sparkabots.  I included a couple of the Sparkabots because in the Marvel UK comics, they're under Xaaron's command.
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darthpaul99Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's still kind of obscure man, but I like it. :-)
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Cheers mate :)
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