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Middle Years page 2

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This is based on short text only story from the Transformers UK comics, which briefly explains events happening on Cybertron after the Ark & Nemesis spacecraft's, and their respective crews leave Cybertron, leading up to Operation Volcano in the Target 2006 story.

The awesome colours have been done by :iconjoeteanby:
Lines done by myself :iconhellbat:

The two fembots in panel 2 are Saphirius (in front) and Alaska (behind), original characters that belong to:iconangela-arts:
There's a few other cameo appearances in here too .  See if you can spot them ;)

Here's a link to my comic gallery where you'll find the rest of the story (well, the completed pages so far anyway)) hellbat.deviantart.com/gallery…

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My god. I love all of this. :heart: And :iconjoeteanby: Did great job at colouring as well. I love it so much. :heart: Can you link rest of previous page? I want to read this comic
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All of them so great. Can't wait to see it :3
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Page should, hopefully, be done soon.
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Cameo seen:
Panel 1: a Orange Shockwave, Macabre from Transformers UK comics, and a few generics.
Panel 2: Perceptor
Panel 4: a seeker with Thrust color and a green seeker.
All panels: generics and Seekers.
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Bang on with Macabre, Perceptor.  The Seekers all have random colours.  As for the orange Shockwave, he was just supposed to be a random robot who ended up looking like Shockwave.  There is a couple more cameo's by obscure characters in there though :)
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TimeMusic15Hobbyist Digital Artist
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TimeMusic15Hobbyist Digital Artist
y0ur w3lc0m3 =3
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TimeMusic15Hobbyist Digital Artist
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M3Gr1ml0ckHobbyist Artist
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Good spot :)
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darthpaul99Hobbyist Digital Artist
Apart from Blaster & Perceptor and a bunch of various colored seekers ... Well, I see a green Cyclonus. I guess it's not really him, but actually another Decepticon that shares his body/jet type. ;-)
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Yep, you got the two most obvious ones and the seekers which are mostly random but some are the seekers featured in my TF profile pages.  As for the "Cyclonus" types, they are supposed to look like G2 Cybertronian jets (as this is supposed to be shortly before Jhiaxus and his group leave Cybertron).
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darthpaul99Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very cool. 8-)
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