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Jhiaxus MTMTE collab

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More than meets the eye profile page for Jhiaxus.

His robot mode pose is based on the cover of Transformers G2 #7. His design is my own I used in a previous pic [link] His alt mode is loosely based on his rarely seen alt mode from Marvel's G2 series. Transformation is similar to that of the Seekers.

I have tried to balance his bio so that it could reflect his characteristics from both Marvel and IDW universes which is quite hard seeing as he's a leader in one and a scientist in the other. His alt mode charateristics (but not the design) are based on a TU-160 Blackjack (or at least how the Soviets intended it be).

Excellent colours for both robot and alt modes are by soy-monk [link]
Line art for both modes by me.

MTMTE page template has been supplied by Autobot-Windracer [link] and can be found here [link]

Sources for information used are from Wikipedia [link] and Teletran 1 Transformers Wiki [link](G2)
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To balance his characteristics in the G1 (Marvel) and IDW universes, claim that he was a scientist who conquered and ruled worlds during Nova (Nemesis) Prime's "Expansion," before he rejoined his master in the Dead Universe. The IDW comics didn't specify a time between the First Ark's launch and its entry into the Dead Universe, after all.
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I tried not to go into too much detail to avoid contradicting the different continuities. Its quite hard because Jhiaxus's IDW character is so different from the Marvel one that they might as well have called him something else.
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Everything came together beautifully!