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Crossformers - colour

Decepticon Crossformers, Blackshadow & Blue Bacchus from Transformers Victory in transformation.

Textures used are......
Texture inca 2 [link] by ClampMe.
Metallic Texture [link] by euphoricdesire-stock.
Metal rust texture 19 [link] by FantasyStock.
Texture IV [link] by IllusionalReality.
Brushed Metallic Steel [link] by FantasyStock.
Metal Rust Texture 24 [link] by FanatsyStock.
metal texure 5 [link] by wojtar-stock.
Texture: Brushed Metal [link] by meiastar.
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why is the new toy for black shadow called sky shadow?
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I did'nt even know there was a new Black shadow toy.
lovefistfury's avatar
yeah he's pretty cool, he's made from the thunderwing mold, just with a different head and cheast. i like thunderwings detail a lot better but black shadow still loks amazing. he looks like the devil in a way or like a wicked version of master gundam. i put a pic up tonight, i need to upload more photos of my fav tf figures anyways
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I've just checked out your pic's. My boy's the Thunderwing mold of that toy. They probably changed the name for marketing as the original was only released in Japan and his name was translated from Japanese.
lovefistfury's avatar
thanks fr explaining it to me, i wondered because i have never seen sky shadow before, so i had to buy him. the japanese name sounds better
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I like everything about this picture from the back round to the transformers themselves. This was a very well-done picture
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Cheers! glad you like it.
euphoricdesire-stock's avatar
Beautiful work. Again thank you for using my textures!!. Sorry for the very late comment
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better late than never.
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