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The Unlucky Family

Norse mythology... one of the last happy moment of the unlucky family, the giantess Angrboda - the mother, the children half born Hel, Jormungand the Serpent, Fenrir the Wolf (or puppy) and the dad Loki.
And Ódin isn't happy at all.
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Well, it's no wonder this family went downhill when the father is the God of Chaos and Mischief. And the mother is an Ice Giant. And the children are monsters.

Cause of problems in norse mythology : Loki ruins everything.

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I love this style!
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Your depiction of Loki is by far, my most favorite. I can't get enough of it
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I guess Odin is represented by the ravens, (aka Hugin and Munin) but why are there 3 of them?
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Unlucky but happy.
This is very interesting and well done!
This is adorable, yet so heartbreaking when you know what's coming.  Damn Odin, anyway!  (For someone who purchased 'wisdom' at such a high price, he doesn't strike me as wise at all.  I think he got ripped off in the deal....)
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I think out of all Loki's children Hel get's off pretty easy, getting your own realm to rule is allot better then getting thrown into the ocean or a sword lodged in your mouth.
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This one makes me weeping...
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This makes me both happy and sad. I love the depictions of Loki, Angrboda, and their children, wonderful job!
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can I put some of your art on my Loki site please?
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Hi, you can put it on your site if you will not change it and if you will link to my gallery and mark me as author of it. I also don't want my art related to any racist theme, violent or human degradation theme. Otherwise you may show it there. Thank you very much for asking me for permition, I highly value that :hug:
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thank you!  I won't change a thing and I'll link back to you.  Here's a link so you know you won't have anything to worry about when it comes to anything racist and the like.

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Loki is so unlucky to have two very ill-fated and suffering families - one with Angrboda, and the other with Sigyn. Why, Odin!?
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awwwwwwww omg ;A;
they're so lovely together ;___;
I really love your Fenrir~
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Yes... Loki and his family had to suffer such cruel fates all for the coming of Ragnarok. =(

I love this illustration! It's so adorable even with the underlying tragedy of it. And I love the birds (Huginn and Muninn, right?) in the background eying them unhappily. Fabulous! :clap:
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The family with a tragic fate.
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this is wonderful. i almost never see this family all together.
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That's how coherent I can be.

This is just lovely. And heartbreaking. Because. Yeah.
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I love the traditional style of this.
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Awwww! It's so sweet how Loki loves all his children.
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This is so lovely. I adore all your designs, but especially the looks for Angrboda and, as always, your Hel. And I love the way they all interact with each other, the way the the movement of the piece and the characters form a circle. They're so very clearly a family.
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Aww, Hela looks like a little elf! (Gets that from Loki). I like how you portrayed them as really sweet and loving, a side you don't tend to see often these days. Loki really only went bitter after they stole his children, and you can see WHY. The Asir weren't very bright if they didn't put two and two together like that. Jormungand has a really cool Celticy/Norsy pattern, and Angrboda looks very regal. :clap:
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