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Loki and his children

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Looks like something straight from a medieval book! Fantastic!
Fenrir: Odin will pay! Narfi and Vali will be avenged!
Jormungandr: I didn't ask to be born like this!
Hela: The ship is almost ready. Hang on just a little longer, Dad.
Brilliant work, but I always mourn the fates of Loki and his not-so-little ones.  Really, after all this, the Aesir richly deserved Ragnarok!
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I wish Loki wouldnt have killed Baldr he is such a deep god in the pantheon ( I consider him as part of the pantheon)
Bonnino's avatar
absolutely amazing!
Negai-Boshi's avatar
I just came across your work while browsing the Prints shop, and WOW these are fantastic! What a great style, and a great interpretation of the mythology!
Atanapotnia's avatar
This is just magnificent. One of your very best! I am in awe!
SaskiaDeKorte's avatar
I love this one. Nice and cozy down in the caverns of the earth... :3
aekati's avatar
I love the expressions in this one: the rawness of Fenrir and Loki, the agony of Sigyn, and Hel's clever little smile.
Gryffgirl's avatar
Magnificent!  I cannot stop staring at the details and the knots on the snake framing the picture are beautiful!
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Wonderful. I'm *feeling* so much for Loki in this...
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For years I'm waiting to see something like this. It was your fan before, but now... I have no words.

You have not forgotten any details! The Naglfar, the three rocks, the bones of Narvi and Vali...

Thanks. Really, many, many thanks. 
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I love the way you were able in incorporate all of them into every part of the image. No space was wasted and it gives it a nice flow. I love the emotion with Sygn and Loki. The colors are very well chosen as well and gives it the feeling of an authentic norse piece. Lovely work!
DaggerRavionFall's avatar
That is so beautiful. It makes me sad, but I love this at the same time.
Mossrygg's avatar
This is beyond Amazing! You did a great job on this! The Celtic style is perfect :D
wanderingmage's avatar
AMAZING. I love how you work in Loki bound with his children.
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