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Crossing the Vimur river

By Hellanim
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On the way to Geirröd Thor is crossing the river Vimur with Loki dangling on Grid's belt. Gjálp is causing the flooding of the river... Norse mythology
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there's some weird stuff in norse myths ..
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Loki: Oh Norns, Thor, please don't drop me! Doh! 
Thor: You're a shapeshifter and have flying shoes! Why don't you just- :o
Loki: I can't … urgh … I'm feeling sick … I think I am going to PUKE!
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I would have the same reaction as Loki.

Period blood is gross, and Thor...he's something special if he an fuckin' wade through it without vomiting.

Iglybo  FAM
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In the original rendition, she urinates into the Vímur River, one of the largest and oldest rivers, still around from the creation era. She urinates in it, causing it to overflow, because she's a giantess. Thor, of course, is half giant, so he picks up a boulder and slings it with such force and precision that it hits her 'at the source' and kills her. 

Artistic licensing is certainly at play here, and period blood doesn't flow fast enough to overflow a river. Unless she sneezes, but that wasn't mentioned. So. Pee.

Low class, low brow, and, yet, she was one of the nine mothers of Heimdallr. But, Heimdallr fathered the classes, and now we know why. He had some really classy moms, and some really uncouth moms that you'd see on Jerry Springer.

And now we know, and knowing is fifty percent of the battle (the other half is twenty-five percent red lasers, and twenty-five percent blue lasers).

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I still don't get why he didn't just use his shoes that walk on air to walk above the river, did he forget his shoes or something? XD
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Period blood will make anyone forget their magic. 
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That one is a weird one XD
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is also the text that tells us Loki is half Thor's height XD
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I Thor is still taller then my Loki...but not that tall XD
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Thor is half giant. His mother was a giantess, Jorth (yerth), and she loved Midgard and its people. This is likely why Thor protects Earth ... because it's named after mom, and because mom really cared about it. But, yeah, Thor is half giant. That's why he's so big.

However!!  Loki is supposed to be full-born giant. Laufey (his mom) was a giant. And she was pretty badass, so Loki took her name as his surname (Laufeyjarson). His dad, Fárbauti, was also a giant.

However, Loki could change his size, his stature, his sex/gender, and his species at will. Not sure why he didn't become a giant condor and just fly them over the river. I mean, he can turn into a flea, a seal, a mare (he's the mother of Slepinir), a fox, and many other things. He turns into an old woman named "Thakk" (Thanks, but in a deeply sarcastic way, like 'thanks-a-f**king-lot!'), to ensure that Balder stays dead with Hel (Loki's daughter).  But anyway.

Let's assume that Loki shrank down to make things easier for Thor to carry him, lol. If I was Thor, I know I'd appreciate carrying a SMALL 'giant' on my back.  Jotnar / Jotunn-kind are NOT small by any means, lol. I mean, look at Gjalp. She's so big that she can flood a river by peeing in it. Weird.

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Is she menstruating or peeing?
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Does that look like piss to you?
Mine looks like that sometimes
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I think you should seek medical help.
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My favourite Norse myth!
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Love your style of paintings!
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Always enjoy your new art, thanks!
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muy interesante! 
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I'm in love with your works <3
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Hahaha I remember this story! I always thought it was very weird when I was a little kid. :lol:
Love the little critters, too. :D
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Ah Loki is soooo sweet can I keep him :D

Love the mouse too.
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