Yeah, I felt into the same trap as everyone. Just to celebrate some personal success, I am going to start a Tumblr "Ask" blog for my characters.

You can find it here:

Have a nice day everybody!

As announced in my profile (Raygirl13) a few days ago, I have an important thing to say to the members of the group.
I don't know if you have noticed... but from today on, you won't see more pages of Hell and Heaven here in Deviant Art...

:bulletred::bulletwhite:DON'T PANIC!!!!:bulletwhite::bulletred:

I haven't removed the pages. ;) They're just in storage. Yeah, I know a big part of you hate the storage thing, but I had to do it. From today on, Hell and Heaven has been moved to a new webpage, just for this comic! I've started it again from the beginning, added new pages at the beginning, modified and finished other ones, and I will be uploading a new one every FRIDAY. Which means that you can look at it every week.

I know there are a lot of people in Deviant Art that don't like to go out to see a comic, but I've been wishing to do this a long time ago. For years to be exactly.
Of course, I'll still upload fanart and other goodies here in Deviant Art, and if everything went wrong (that I don't want to happen) I'd return here, but just if the webpage turns down or something by the server.

Here's the link to the new page:

You can subscribe to it by RSS or follow my Facebook profile (Esther Quesada), or Twitter (EstherQG), that will be connected to it. If you are a wordpress user or not, you can also subscribe to Esther Quesada's Blog where I'll be adding the links referred to the posts in the webpage.

I'm sorry for the possible problems I may cause to you. I just hope you'll be able to help me with this and make Hell and Heaven a popular webcomic that can enter the lists on the net. I'm doing this because Google doesn't seem to know this comic apart from Deviant Art. I have to reach a new goal and it's in your hands, my readers. :hug:

Thanks for all your attention and I wish you all a beautiful day. :aww:

PS: THE CLUB IS STILL ACTIVE!!! So DON'T leave the group please!

My best wishes,

Esther Quesada.

:bulletwhite::bulletyellow::bulletorange::bulletred: HELL AND HEAVEN'S NEW CONTEST! :bulletred::bulletorange::bulletyellow::bulletwhite:


Well, I'm here again!
I'm glad to know that so many people would enter, so I've decided at last what this contest will be.
Here are the rules, prizes, etc.

:star: THEME :star:

It's simple, isn't it? Hell and Heaven must have a contest aobut itself. That means any characters and situations you want from the comic. Use your imagination. I'm opened to new ideas and I like original ones. Ry, Esther, Adam, Claire... you can add anybody, but remember that Ry and Esther are my favourites ;p

You can invent, change and reorganize what you want, but remember that you have to add my name to the owner of the characters , and you as the artist who makes the fanart  :aww:

Make me laugh, cry, or frighten. I wanna see what you are capable of!

:star: CATEGORIES :star:

There are 3 categories this time. One winner per category:
:bulletblue: Best illustration (picture, drawing, etc)
:bulletblue: Best Comic strip (It doesn't need to be a big comic. One page is enough).
:bulletblue: Best Fanfic (Yes, that's right! If you like writting more than drawing, here's your chance!)

And... there's a special category:

:bulletred: The Easter Bunny: By the end of March, I'll be adding this message "The Easter Bunny was here!" in some of my deviations. I'll tell you how many by the time I do. Then, the first person who sends me a note with the names of all the deviations that will have this message, will win the Easter Bunny category. Remember, the messages will appear at the end of March, not now, so be alert if you want to give it a try.

:star: PRIZES :star:

:bulletgreen: Every winner will win a copy in English or Spanish of my first Art Book in PDF format by e-mail.

This Art book is a compilation of Sketches and some illustrations of Ryan and Esther in Medieval times. Cover, design, art... all made by myself. If you really like these two characters, I'm sure you will enjoy the book. ;)

:star: TIME AND LIMITS :star:

:bulletpurple: The contest starts Today, 15th March 2011 and finishes the 15th April 2011.

You have one full month to do the best you can, and I'm sure you'll do it in fact. :D If things get better, I may move the date to a larger period, but try to get it in time.

:star: HOW TO LET ME KNOW? :star:

:bulletpink: When you finish, send me a note. NOT a comment, please. I lose a lot of comments in my inbox, so I prefer notes. Thank you!


Well, that's it! I wish you all thousands of luck and I'll wait for your entries!

:star: Hell and Heaven's Journal :star:


I've taken the Hell and Heaven comic to a Wordpress blog too!
:damphyr: estherquesada.wordpress.com/

You don't need to subscribe to Wordpress because I upload the news here too. In any case, if you ARE on Wordpress, you can also bring opinions and comments to my blog.
Thank you!

The Hell and Heaven Club
:star: Hell and Heaven's Journal :star:


:damphyr: 13 is a great number, isn't it ;) That's the number of members in the group right now, and I really appreciate the feedback you've all done.

Now, I0m still preparing more pages while I progress with my university works, but till I get next page updated, I wanted to ask you this:

I created the story but never thought about the way Ry and Esther met for the first time. I just wanted to know if you have any ideas or a story planned, and if you wanted to explain them to me here. You can think about the other characters if you want, of course. I'm just curious about it.Also, if you want to comment anything about Hell and Heaven that you believe it would be good for me to know, say it. Anyone wants to start? :D