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Gaumont District - Unfinished5

The fifth part of my pixel city, i will begin to add detail to the pavements soon.

one of the new additions is the black and white bar, the citys #1 nightspot, where the rich and famous sociallise. although it is expensive, you are bound to meet a celebrity or two, there are weekly private performances from well renowned bands, and a function room where you can book the space for a special event, although it will cost you half a million for a day. The interiors are completely black, white and red and feature original artwork from Warhol and lichtenstein. The black and white bar is a place that you cannot walk in off the street, you have to reserve a place in the club at least a week in advance, and you will be informed that you are not allowed to wear trainers or jeans, or take a camera. but its totally worth it.
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whoaz. that is damn cool.
atu-doll's avatar
You are really mad!!! :D
hellagood88's avatar
haha thanks, ill take it as a compliment
atu-doll's avatar
You are right to take it as that ;)
daporta's avatar
Nice Work dude!! I hope can see it finished...keep walking!!! ;)
hellagood88's avatar
thanks :D i always inform people who comment on this when there is a new version. theres still a lot to go but i will finish it :)
Mangust-art's avatar
Nice! I hope you will add some textures on house and street?
hellagood88's avatar
house and street?
Mangust-art's avatar
Yes, why not? ))) Walls, water and asphalt have some texture, not just flat... But, you band-master this art and my words just advice. And more smaaaaall comment ;) - set 2 traffic lights on pedestrian crossing, not necessarily; and for this road crossing enough 4 traffic lights. As for the rest is good!
hellagood88's avatar
oh right, i didnt understand what you meant at first. i will eventually add textures to the water.
grizzlychicken's avatar
Brilliant, great work. :+fav:
hellagood88's avatar
thanks, ill be updating it soon :)
sophieuk2006's avatar
that is amazing!
Ricoo's avatar
That looks wonderful ! Maybe you should try to add some people in it...
BTW thanks for your fav. :-)
hellagood88's avatar
im going to add people once the city is complete :)
kosumiku's avatar
amazing... O_O
hellagood88's avatar
thanks, stay tuned for more updates soon :)
Sputn1K's avatar
yeay... cool.... i like the black and white bar.... great idea... keep it up!
hellagood88's avatar
thank you :) i will
shortestbreath's avatar
verry good again. yey a dominos woo
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