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Gaumont District - Completed

This is the final finished version of my pixel city.

It is also my 1000th deviation

information on the city is here: [link]
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this is amazing
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Wow! I love this so much.
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This is so cool! How long did it take you?!
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Hi! I really like your illustration. They are very cool! I can not just break away from them. Can you tell me how you did this illustration?
Or can tell me what to read, to learn how to do so?
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Thank you I'm glad you like it. This particular illustration i drew completely on microsoft paint. I basically just taught myself
gwulfwud's avatar
i love the details..

added this to my group's collection..

you're welcome to join and contribute here as well..
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only if any city was as beautiful and clean as yours...
Just amazing
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it is breathtaking for me :O

no way to not fav it
hellagood88's avatar
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Wow, that's all I can say :faint:
4-X-S's avatar
isometric universe never cease to amaze me
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First, when i saw it, i thought, it's one of this tiny pixel-works... well done, but... too tiny. Then i clicked on it... and WHAM!!! :jawdrop: (Oooops...! The tiny one was only the preview ;-) )
That is absolutely awsome! How many weeks or months of work had this cost? And why the hell is this gorgeous artwork not already submitted as a DA?? ;-)
hellagood88's avatar
it took probably a year overall, but that was on and off notstraight through the year so really it probably took a few months
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Seriously, there are no words to explain how amazing this is. THE DETAILS. Everything is just so carefully detailed and pixeled, it is ridiculously realistic O_O There's so much to look at in this picture, it's so breathtaking O: My favorite building is the Embassy Suites, it's so eye-catching and stunning~!
This city wins in all ways; it's just SO INCREDIBLE. I don't think I'll ever get over how unbelievable this is.
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thank you very much im glad you like it so much :)
slowdog294's avatar

Very impressive. Instant :+fav:

M4XP4YN3's avatar
Nice .... :D the best pixelart:D
SADandPRETTYandFUN's avatar
I am really impressed with the details of it! The perspective is also complex and interesting...and hey! I see versace and sushis ! =D lol
hellagood88's avatar
thanks, of course. you cant have a city without Versace and Sushi
Tristan-the-Dreamer's avatar
You're ridiculously good, you know that? :disbelief: Honestly I just can't grasp your willpower, you must have logged 40 hours on this...
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thank,you. Actually it was probably just over 24 hours. But that is only because im quite used to doing pixel work now
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omg unbelievable!
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i know i wrote a comment before, but i now had the time to get a closer and deeper look of the town, and i must say i'm really impressed... it must have been an ass-full of work to complete this, considering the 8h that it took my to finish my small 50x50px animations.... thumbs up!
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