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Faun Family by Lara Yokoshima by EmilyCammisa
Jaci and Yuma by Lara Yokoshima by EmilyCammisa
Kalim and Rajan by Lara Yokoshima by EmilyCammisa
Avinash by adrhaze
Hell Chapters

Mature Content

Hell Chapter 1 Preview by EmilyCammisa

Mature Content

Hell Chapter 2 Preview by EmilyCammisa

Mature Content

Hell Chapter 3 Preview by EmilyCammisa

Mature Content

Hell Chapter 4 Preview by EmilyCammisa
Elysium Chapters

Mature Content

Elysium Chapter 1 Preview by EmilyCammisa

Mature Content

Elysium Chapter 2 Preview by EmilyCammisa

Mature Content

Elysium Chapter 3 Preview by EmilyCammisa

Mature Content

Elysium Chapter 4 Preview by EmilyCammisa
Hell and Elysium Character Sheets
Belial Character Sheet by EmilyCammisa
Astaria Character Sheet by EmilyCammisa
Caine Character Sheet by EmilyCammisa
Akai Character Sheet by EmilyCammisa
Hell and Elysium Second Life Snapshots
Caine, Belial, and Astaria by EmilyCammisa
Book of Belial - Caine Sketch by EmilyCammisa
Book of Belial - Astaria Sketch by EmilyCammisa
Akai and Avinash Ready for Battle by EmilyCammisa
Hell and Elysium Maps and World Notes
Map of Hell and World Notes by EmilyCammisa
Map of Elysium and World Notes by EmilyCammisa
Hell and Elysium Timeline by EmilyCammisa
March 2013 Special Adoptable- Okali Colored -SOLD- by EmilyCammisa
March 2013 Special Adoptable- Okali Lineart -SOLD- by EmilyCammisa
Tuelo Incubus Adoptable Colored -SOLD- by EmilyCammisa
Tuelo Incubus Adoptable Lineart -SOLD- by EmilyCammisa
Hell and Elysium Fanart
Avinash by adrhaze
[Hell and Elysium] Astaria Fan-Art by NeoyoshiAETH
Faun Family by Lara Yokoshima by EmilyCammisa
Faun Family by Lara Yokoshima (Lineart) by EmilyCammisa
Hell and Elysium OC Fanart
Nalini by AkiraSakamura
Nalini and her sitar by TierzaRyumina
Nalini by TierzaRyumina
Ishan-color- by TierzaRyumina
Hell and Elysium Fanfiction

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Moksha Chp. 1 (redone) by TierzaRyumina

Mature Content

Moksha Chp. 2 by TierzaRyumina

Mature Content

Moksha Chp. 3 by TierzaRyumina
Sketches, WIPs, and Roughs
Kalim and Caine WIP by EmilyCammisa
OC Artwork Fantasy Creatures
Unifaun Male Sketch by EmilyCammisa
One Year Style Challenge
Young Justice Style Kalim by EmilyCammisa



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Hello everyone! I know this club has been dead, the roleplays are done and over with, and there has not been any new art for Hell and Elysium in quite a while since I went through a huge and lengthy art slump. My deepest apologies for letting it all go neglected for so long. I still have character sheets to finish, and some drabbles left to post, but that's not the main reason for this little journal update.

Hell and Elysium was a big passion project for me and jenastar, it's one that neither of us could ever completely discard. Even though we're no longer roleplaying, and we have busy lives and jobs that eat up a lot of time/energy, we still love our characters and want to do something with them. jenastar has informed me that she is interested in writing a new story using some of our characters and taking Helysium in a new direction; basically a reboot all her own. I am thrilled with that idea and she has full permission to use any of my characters from our old roleplays. As for when and where she will be posting her writings, that is TBA and tentative, so I won't have any information until she's ready to go ahead on her project. She is of course totally welcome to have her writing posted here, or at least links to her works if and when she gets them online.

As for me, I still am very intent on make a self-published Helysium artbook. Yes, I will color those old linearts, yes I will make NEW art. Hell and Elysium is not dead for me, at least in terms of drawing characters and scenes. Writing has never been my strong point, but drawing is, and I definitely want to make art using our beautiful characters. I have gotten permission to use jenastar's characters in my artwork as well, so there will probably be more pics of Jaci and Akai among other favorites <3 So that is the update for now, I'm sure a lot of you weren't expecting to see a new journal post on this club popping up on your dashes. Surprise! Thanks for sticking around and keep your eyes peeled for new art and writing!

Also remember my Helysium adoptables? Yeah, I am not done with those cuties either hehe.

Ciao for now~
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Group Info

This is a fanclub for the epic yaoi roleplay novels, Hell and Elysium written by EmilyCammisa and jenastar. We welcome our fans to join us, as well as new people who may be interested in reading the stories. Fanart, fanfiction, and even your own original characters are welcome here! Feel free to chat with fellow fans, ask questions, or peruse the galleries. Above all, have fun!

:star: How to join: Anyone is welcome to join (but you must be 18+ to read the stories). Simply click the 'Join Our Group' button and your membership will automatically be accepted!

Gallery Submission Guidelines

All Members can submit Hell and Elysium fanarts, fanfiction, and original character artwork!

:bulletpurple: You are allowed to submit up to 5 pieces per folder, per day.

:bulletpurple: Click the gallery folder you wish to submit to and hit "+ Submit to this folder" then choose your image(s).

:bulletpurple: All work submitted is reviewed before being accepted into the gallery to ensure it fits the theme.

:bulletpurple: Please try to submit your works to the proper folders!

So what are you all waiting for? Start creating some masterpieces and share them with us! :heart:
:iconrainbowwaveplz1::iconrainbowwaveplz2::iconrainbowwaveplz3:Interested in reading Hell and Elysium?:iconrainbowwaveplz1::iconrainbowwaveplz2::iconrainbowwaveplz3:

Warning: This story is yaoi (male/male) and contains mature content for ages 18+ only.

:bulletred: Hell & Elysium @

:bulletred: Hell: Illustrated Chapters @ Tumblr

:bulletred: Elysium: Illustrated Chapters @ Tumblr

:star: Hell and Elysium Snapshot Gallery @ Tumblr

:star: Hell and Elysium Extras: Character sheets, art and more!
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Hell and Elysium FAQ

Q: Will you guys ever publish Hell and Elysium into a novel?

A: We would love to do that, but editing the story would be a nightmare due to the Roleplay post format and the constant shifting of point of views. If we had an editor maybe it'd be possible, but we'd prefer to do it ourselves if we had to.

Q: How do you guys create all those amazing characters?

A: We make the characters in Second Life, which is a virtual reality MMO where pretty much anything is possible. We buy all the things we need like hair, skin, eyes, clothing, accessories, etc. and we make our own shapes. It's a lot of mixing and matching of different things to create whatever we dream up in our heads. Sometimes we'll even sketch out character ideas first then try and create it in Second Life. Once the avatars are made it's a perfect reference for art and even helps us describe our characters better in the story. Second Life also lets us be able to take amazing snapshots that we can insert into the chapters since there are many gorgeous places in the game that can be settings seen in the stories. One example is the Kingdom of Sand RP sim which is the inspiration for Gehenna.

Q: How long will the story be and when will it be finished?

A: We have no set length or time since this is a roleplay and we both enjoy allowing it to unfold as it will. It's likely going be quite long and I imagine it will be years before it's ever finished simply because the characters have babies, so there's many generations to play and lots that can happen. All I can say is that it will come to a conclusion eventually, but for now we have so much plot to get through it won't be anytime soon.

Question from spicegyal7: How did you and Jen come up with the idea for hell and elysium? How did it all start?

A: Hi there spicygal7! Thanks for your question, I'm super happy to answer it :3 Hell basically started when Jenastar proposed we do a yaoi RP revolving around various types of demons, especially naga and incubi. The basic premise was having a sprawling past-fantasy setting with masters and slaves, which of course would lead to all kinds of kinky smut (we love it xP). There was no plot beyond having two hot nagas buy some sexy slaves to hump silly and make babies with. If you break the stories down, that's mostly what they are, 'cause we get our jollies from making hot characters hump and make babies lol The plots started to evolve as we went, and Jenastar gets credit for 90% of it since I am not the greatest at inventing storylines. I mostly develop individual scenes or come up with ideas for what should happen to the characters within the plotline she creates. As for Elysium, the angels were always there as a minor sub-plot, but Elysium didn't exist until I expressed my interest in actually developing the angels as characters and creating a world for them as well. I take credit for Elysium's existence, though Jenastar added a lot of elements to it inspired by similar stories she had read. Anywho, I hope that answers your questions o<o

Have any questions related to Hell or Elysium? Feel free to send a Note to the group and we will answer it for you here!


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MJDAlleria Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

THE ART IS SO BEAUTIFUL! :iconcryforeverplz:
EmilyCammisa Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013  Professional General Artist
Lol I know I picked the best of the best to add to the OC folder XD These pieces are all in MY personal favorites lol
MJDAlleria Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
All soooo goood
h-eri Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013
My character is not part of your story~
EmilyCammisa Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013  Professional General Artist
Hi there, I understand that he is your character and I meant no offense by wanting to submit your work to the gallery. That particular folder is for any artwork of demons, angels, or mythical creatures totally unrelated to the Hell and Elysium universe. It is a gallery folder for anything that feels like it fits the theme of the group, though by no means is intended to claim people's art or characters as part of the Helysium story. I made a note of that in the description within the folder and anyone whose work I submitted can decline if they don't wish to have their work displayed here. Your character is really beautiful, so I thought he would be a nice fit here, but if you don't wish for him to be posted that is fine! Thanks for expressing your concern. I love your work by the way :3
h-eri Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013
Oh! My apologies. dA doesn't inform me what folder a request is being sent to so I did not know ^^; If you want to request again, that would be fine. <3 Sorry for the confusion on my part~
EmilyCammisa Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013  Professional General Artist
Oh I see, I will send the request again then :D I love your Fenrir, he's so gorgeous ^3^
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AncientMagician Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you so much for inviting me!
EmilyCammisa Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2013  Professional General Artist
You're welcome! Thanks for joining ^^ Hope you enjoy Helysium O3O
MJDAlleria Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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