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Ghosts of Film Swapping: Spirit of the Woods

Shoot the film.
Rewind it.
Give it to your friend.
Let him/her shoot it out.
Develop it.

Film swap with ~Baltagalvis.
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featured in journal 'artiest ID vol III' [link] enjoy!!!:tea:
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Thanks again! :)
Mondglimmer's avatar
A Spirit of the woods you truely are. :)
Your beard fits so well into the branches, as if it was made of them.
Helkathon's avatar
Yeah, that beard-to-branches gave me the idea for the title ;)
Mondglimmer's avatar
A very nice idea. :)
vojis's avatar
The first associations:

- Korpiklaani - Spirit Of The Forest,
- Jethro Tull- Songs from the Wood.
Helkathon's avatar
Hell, you're my kind of man ;)
vojis's avatar
Yeah, that's a way to greet friends. ;)
Because I'm 60 year old rocker,
you must respect my experience. :)

Also, The Beatles - Norwegian Wood, but I don't like much The Beatles.
Helkathon's avatar
I deeply respect your experience :)

And how about Finntroll, any piece from their Visor om slutet? ;)
vojis's avatar
Thank you for your trust and respect. :)

Bloody fucking Vikings, which I love. :heart:
All that was left of the rock, is in the north.
My favorites from the album "Visor om slutet" are
"Svart Djup" and "Under Varje Rot Och Sten".
And I like kazoo.

:) :manhug:
Helkathon's avatar
About the rock from the north - there's one strange thing. Once I was watching Eurovision (can't remember the year, since we threw out TV a couple of years ago), and the most rock songs on that circus came from... Balkans :)
vojis's avatar
Eurovision is not a measure of music already old trash. :)
sezmeralda's avatar
Old man of the woods :D
FrozenWrath's avatar
Interesting result
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