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First Mobile

First mobile phone Motorola DynaTAC, specimen #21 out of 250 ever made, with the signature of Mr. Martin Cooper himself.

Today I made an interview with Mr. Martin Cooper. One of my most memorable interviews I've ever made. Unforgettably warm, wise and intelligent person.

Sadly, I was not able to make a portrait of him, in a proper quality for DA.
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Great picture!
I have several Motorola brick phones and I even still use a GSM version today, the Motorola International 3200. 
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I believe if I could live without smartphones, I would like to use that brick too :)
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Ir dar Motorola :) Kietaaai :)
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Awesome!  I don't remember that far back, but my parents had a 'Car Phone' back in 1993.  That thing was a beast!
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Yeah, I imagine that :)

Though cell phones and car phone are a bit different things.
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Very nice photo and theme....  I had an audiovox about the same
size a year or so after this one came out.   Where can I see or
read the interview?
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The interview will be published on the web portal where I'm working at, but it will be in my native - Lithuanian - language.

But maybe we will upload the audio somewhere - in that case I'll let you know here.
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Thanks, appreciate that.  Put it on
Youtube.  It's certainly newsworthy.
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The problem, it has a poor record quality - it's very noisy around there>
But I'll check what I can do.
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Speaking history!!
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I wish if i can get that item .. it's vintage!!
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Well, there should be 250 of them, so maybe you have a chance ;)
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