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FilmSwap: Dream of the Grand Duke Gediminas

From the another set of film swap - this time with Gintarė Vilcinytė.

And the film swap - this is how it works: you shoot the film, rewind it, give it someone, get from someone in exchange, shoot again and finally develop it.

And I'm always open for film swapping opportunities.

I shoot in 35 mm film.

- - - - - -

About the title: there is a legend that Vilnius has been built after the Grand Duke Gediminas was hunting in the surroundings of modern Vilnius (the previous capital of Lithuania was 30 kilometers from there) and while staying at the night camp, he had a dream of howling wolf of iron. The krivis (a shaman) Lizdeika explained this dream: if Gediminas build the city here, the name of it will spread as far as that howl from a dream.

And in the photo you can see a modern statue of Grand Duke Gediminas - the one you can find in the very heart of Vilnius.
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