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Days to Come

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Random title is random

An example of a more detailed palette piece. My persona. I'm very unhappy with the face area, and I tried removing it and having her just facing forward instead with just her hair falling down. That didnt satisfy me either! So it's time to move on.

Enjoy some robotics c; I didn't tell anyone that I'm a cyborg did I..oops

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"Plug me in and let me drift away..."
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This is beyond amazing..
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Beuty comes in all shapes and forms, this is just ones that stand out!

Lovely piece of work ^^
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ahh thats true, thank you!
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Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. Teach me, please, senpai!
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This piece looks amazing! I love cyborg themed art! :)
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Aaaaa me toooo!
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Gawsh you did such a fantastic job on shading that metal though!! It looks so metallic! x'3
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Thank you Arfy! :D
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love the pose and the lighting
keep it up 
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Thanks a bunch :D
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Dat shading, Dem particles...mmmm~ And hey, face angles are hard! So don't worry too much about it! On the serious side of my commentary, I really like the variation in mechanical shapes and sizes you drew into this piece, as well as how her body is balanced between soft curves and flat plating panels. It's really cool!

*High Fives*
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I worked out that her head is too big..ill fix it one day when I have the time v.v maybe.
thank you!
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Reminds me of GitS. Very good work!
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I looove gits, thanks!
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Oh my gosh you're appealing to me in so many ways right now.
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Oh my gosh need new arms when
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This is very expressive and beautiful. :heart: I love everything about it, from the tones you chose, to the expression on her face, to the concept itself. Brilliant. And her face looks lovely, in my opinion. Keep up the awesome work. :love:
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Thanks so much! Glad you like how it turned out :D
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You're so welcome ♥ 
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