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Hello lovely people with money in their pockets :iconheyboyplz: 

:star: I am open for A4 commissions :star: 
You will get a A4 coloured artwork of one or two characters of your choice. If you want, I can even print the artwork with quality photo paper, sign it and send you a print for extra cost. It will look good in your bedroom I bet > v >

Commission cost: 55 USD dollar 
Print and shipping cost: 25 USD dollar extra 

Payment method: Paypal or vipps 

Bliss x Death | I miss you when you're gone by HeliPeach Travelling Dark elf Caim by HeliPeach Princess Peach with Toads  (fanart) by HeliPeach Sexy Hisoka from HxH ( Fanart ) by HeliPeach Kayla the dragon by HeliPeach

Open slot:
Taken slot: 0/1

If you are interested:
Send me a e-mail with the title 'September commission' to this email address :

In the mail tell and show me:

- Picture of the character or characters.
- Short about the personality of the character/characters. 
- Tell me short what you want in the picture (Background, pose, style)
- Show example picture of what you want. 
-Tell me if your want a print for me to sign and ship. 

I will start drawing when the payment has been payed. 
I will also send you pictures of the progress. 
This is a thank you Journal :rose:

So yeah, at April 16 was my birthday, and holly shit how many of you who wished me a happy birthday:heart:
Thank you so freaking much... I can't even :rose:

:rose:Now I want to feature some of the gifts from Deviantart. :rose:

I got this artwork with a sexy chilled Caim by :iconstrangerobot:

present to Helipeach by StrangeRobot
I did not expect this and I was, am, super grateful:rose:
It was super sweet of you StrangeRobot :heart:
Thank you so much:heart: 

And then there is my angel :iconhokoricupcake:
HOLLY SHIT, she is absolutely amazing:heart: OMG :heart:
She made me a 25 paged manga of Bliss and Death:heart:
Guys, you must read it:heart:
It's love, it's life:rose:
:.DeathBliss - Now and Forever, page 1.: by HokoriCupcake:.DeathBliss - Now and Forever, page 2.: by HokoriCupcake :.DeathBliss - Now and Forever, page 3.: by HokoriCupcake :.DeathBliss - Now and Forever, page 4.: by HokoriCupcake:.DeathBliss - Now and Forever, page 5.: by HokoriCupcake--->


Again, Thank you everyone who participated on my birthday:heart: 
Stay amazing and respectfull :heart:
And have a lovely day:heart:

I was in a filmed interview

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 1, 2016, 3:31 PM

Guest List for Mythical Idiots

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 28, 2014, 11:00 AM

✖ I now have something called a Guest List: It's a list of characters that can get to be in the next Mythical Idiots comic.

✖ It's all free to get on the list, but you have to 'like' my facebook page and 'share' a facebook post. (Remember to share it publicly or else I might not get your name.) 

✖ After you have liked my facebook page and shared a random post, you must send me a note here on Deviantart.

✖ Send me your character and your facebook name in the note .

✖ After everything has been checked, your character will be on my guest list and have the chance to be in my comic as a guest character. 

✖ There is no guarantee that I will use your character after it's on the list, it all depends on the comic and if the character is fitting my next idea.

✖ Tips: Like my Facebooks posts as they come up and you are more likely to get my attention.

✖ I accept human character, but I do prefer mythical creatures, such as; light elf, dark elf, dragon people, vampires, werewolves, angels, demons, ghost/spirits, mountain sirens, sea sirens,  and so on.

= w =''
 ✖ I can turn your human character or furry/sonic oc to a wanted mythical creature if wanted c; I love redesigning, so that's no problem for me

✖ Examples of comics: 

Mythical idiots # 4 by HeliPeach
Mythical Idiots # 3 by HeliPeach
 Mythical idiots # 2 by HeliPeach Mythical idiots # 1 by HeliPeach Mythical Idiots # 5 by HeliPeach

:rose: If you have a question to the list, terms, comic, or the mythical species, just ask in the comments. :rose: 

Terms and rules you should know: 

You own the copyright to your own character!
Therefore I always show a link and give credit to the owner of the used character on my Deviantart. But I do not do this on my sharing platforms such as Tumblr, published comic books and Facebook.

I own the copyrights on the comic. 
Meaning I can make money and sell the comic, with your character as a guest character, if I wish so. 

You are allowed to share the comic on your own platforms, but then you have to show credit to me. You can also use the comic for private use, if you wish so.
I hope as much as possible will be interested in this guest list. It helps me spreading my comic to the world thanks to you and your support. And in return I want you to feel a part of my comic. 

Plez be so kind and like my facebook page. :iconcraiplz:

:iconnonamekamito: (Norway)
This lovely and beautiful person that I have fallen in love with goes on my new school and have taken over most of my life. She has introduced me to Dungeon and Dragons and Magic of Gathering. I often role play with her and her girlfriend that is my room mate. She isn't the most active on deviantart, but I think she will from now on. <3 The two newest are very new art. Her art style is beautiful and way different from mine. Hers is more realistic, and she have drawn allot of sketches of our role play characters. I love them s much <3
Practicethingy by NonameKamito  Denni by NonameKamito  

:iconunknownspy: also known as Anet (Finland)
I love this person too much, my precious. You probably have seen her characters in my gallery before, but she really deserves the promotion. She has made a whole comic with Zett and her character Nico. You have to read it, the translation is written in the description bar. Her art styles love. She is just perf :Heart: I love her:rose:
P1 by UnknownSpy  You hurt my eyes by UnknownSpy  Hold me closer by UnknownSpy  Fantasy page 1 by UnknownSpy  Didn't your mom tell not to run with scissors? by UnknownSpy 

:iconhokoricupcake: also known as Katrinu (Norway)
She is my cute most adorable friend. Her middle name could be Kawaii. She is just asdfgghj
I have met her on a convention once and we have an OC couple together, Death and Bliss. I have one artwork of them, but I will make more. She is credible nice, and her art style is ART with tons of beauty. It is just so beautiful. Her bodies are so nice, she knows better anatomy then me. And the eyes and colors make it so pretty. I love it:heart: 
:.CONTEST WINNER. DeathBliss - Painful Truth.: by HokoriCupcake  :.T h a n k . Y o u.: by HokoriCupcake  :. ValaFere - For Your Entertainment [censored].: by HokoriCupcake  :. UlquiHime - R e u n i t e d .: by HokoriCupcake

Fav watcher
:iconestashark: also known as Esther.
She get's to be my fav watchers, because no matter what artwork, she always leaves a lovely comment. She is so cute and nice and I love her. Here is some of her beautiful art. she is very talented:rose::heart:
Vivian Spoons by EstaShark  Ice Cream by EstaShark  I'm Goblin by EstaShark 

:iconluvluvplz::iconluvluvplz::iconluvluvplz: Pliz show some love and fav the artwork that I have shown you :iconluvluvplz::iconluvluvplz::iconluvluvplz:
I will promote other deserving people another time ;3 
If you do not follow me on tumblr, you are missing out on some stuff. 
It's where I post:

- small artwork
- really old artwork 
- sketches
- photo of my face
- photo of me in cosplay. 
- small blog posts 
- and funny re-blogged stuff
Just saying... If you are interested.
:heart::heart::heart::heart: :heart::heart::heart::heart:
Tell me what you think :iconasdfghbeeplz:
And if you find some parts to be gray instead of white, don't worry it just looks like that on the picture. The product is white, trust me, I ordered some stuff myself to check. I don't know why it's like that on the picture. 
I haven't been very productive with uploading art here on DA. I do draw everyday, cuz I still make new Kåre-comics to the newspaper every week. And then I don't find much time and energy to make more here on DA. It's schools fault. I can't upload more Kåre-comics here on the internet, cuz I joined a serious comic-contest in Norway, and they require that the comic should not been posted anywhere else. So I'm sorry, It's like over 40 comics you guys haven't seen yet. And I want to work on "Why Love?" and "HateGame", I'll try to do my best. 

But I'm glad you guys don't leave me, I love you all:heart: 
All the nice comments and fav you guys give me, you're all amazing. And I probably wouldn't be as serious as I am about drawing if it wasn't for you lovely peaches. 
Thank you all:heart:
Heli Peach 

I need band members. More specific; band member for the band Keith plays in.
This is Keith ---> Keith : sonic FC : by HeliPeach
I could design the band members my self, but then I  remember I'm lazy. 

So if you are interested;
*send me a picture of your character with some information about him/her/whatever. 
*The character does not have to be new, you can use an old character as long as it fits.
*Tell me what instrument they can play or if they can sing. (drums are taken)
*Your character can have a life outside the band; all I require is that they play in a band (for fun or for serious), and that they know Keith and the other band-members. 

:heart:So here is what will happen if I choose your character: :heart:
*I will draw an artwork of the band, and so will you!!! Cuz that would be fun:heart:
*And your character will play a small part in the comic "Why Love?".
This comic -->  Why Love? - Chap 1 by HeliPeach

So Yeah, I will choose the band members on 1. September. Good luck :iconluvluvplz:


First I wanna thank all the people who audition. You all have amazing characters!!:la::heart:
But unfortunately I can't have you all in the band. But if I ever need a random character in the background, or for a short dialog with a random stranger; I'll make sure I pick your characters. So maybe your character will be in the comic anyway, We'll have to see:heart:

So I picked out two characters (So it will be a band with 3 band members), both for their awesome design, cool personality and life story. And I really think these character and Keith can become really good friends and get along with each other. So I think the band is pretty cool.  
The two characters are; 

Phoebe and Fleur:heart:
Sonic oc Phoebe by Never-Forget-Me-Not& Stuff o3o by UnknownSpy<--on the top  Sonic male Adoptables :closed: by UnknownSpy<-- number seven 
I'm already working on some artwork of the band, and I hope to see some work from you too, Never-Forget-Me-Not and UnknownSpy:star: Cuz we're a band now:heart:

So here is how I see their relationship with each other:
Phoebe plays Guitar and Sings. She fan-girls over cute boy-bands, and even want to discuss with Keith who is the cutest, which Fleur often tease them about, but Keith only finds it adorable. She takes care of her friends, and often has to be the reasonable one around Fleur and his bad ideas. And she writes very good songs.
Fleur plays Guitar and bass, and even sings at some few songs. (Cuz some songs are too deep for Phoebe to reach with her voice) He can get in alot of trouble because of his never ending teasing and he is very stubborn about things. Luckily Phoebe looks after him at some point, to make sure he doesn't take it too far. Cuz Keith isn't very good at stopping Fleur, not as good as Phoebe for sure.
Keith plays the drums and is the person who glues this band together. He gets dragged on all this crazy adventures (parties) by Fleur. And he can talk on an emotion level with Phoebe. From his point of view, this band is the closest thing he has to a family, and feel so lucky to have Phoebe and Fleur. And he can end up missing them too much, that he calls them at night, which none of the really appreciate.

They often crash down at Keith's place to drink beer and watch zombie movies or something. They sometimes visit Phoebe's very nice grandparents that lives on a farm. Bout Keith and Fleur connects very well too Phoebe's grandparents, it's like their second family. Beside, Phoebe's grandma makes the best apple pies:heart:

We still need to think of a band name XD



I don't know


Journal Entry: Fri Feb 22, 2013, 1:35 PM
>w< <3
Tagged by UnknownSpy
Legit first name
: Heli
Middle name: Princess
Nickname: Heli

Location:  Norway, east side at the moment. 
173 cm (?)
Zodiac sign:
Any pets:  No, but I really want a bird. 
Favorite thing about yourself: My ability to think big. I don't think low of my self or my abilities. 
Worst habit: 
I bite my lips and make random weird sounds when being frustrated.
Fun fact:
 Hmm, I was a kleptomaniac in kinder garden. I stole so much from so many people. And I was good at it too ; D

Identity, Sexuality & Personality

Gender identity: Female
Sexual preference: Sexual

Relationship status: 
Umm, I have allot of bitches. 



"Early Bird" or "Night Owl": Night owl for sure. 
Bath or shower: 
First thought in the morning:  
Last thought before falling asleep at night:  "
If I fall asleep right now, I will get 6 hours of sleep. "




Do you work or are you a student: I'm a student.
What do you do well: 
Um, Drawing.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years: 
Oh, Umm. Hopefully a girl that works and can live on being a comic artist. 

Habits (Do you…?)

Drink: No.
Do Drugs:
Have a go-to comfort food: 
Have a nervous habit: Yes.


What is your favorite…?

Physical quality (in yourself): My face. 
In Others: 
Fit bodies and sexy personality <3
Mental/emotional quality (in yourself): 
  Aggressive and spontaneous. 
Taco, Pizza, Indian and Chinese food.
Milk and energy drinks. 
  Have none. I only have favorites songs and I listen to until I hate them. 
I've never finished a book. 
TV Show:
  Walking Dead. 
Too many. 

Tags I guess?

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