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Woot!  I got Linux up and running.  One word... Schweet.  

the deviant fomerly known as ethx1
I can't take it no more.  If I see one more PHP/MySQL error on DA, I am going to hurt someone.  Umm... who runs this place anyways?
Just put a devious icon up.  Took like half an hour to "make", i found out that freaking PSP7 won't save as a .gif.  Had to open photoshop.  

Oh yeah, guess who just got some new ram?  256 whooping megs of it!!!  Yeah.
I just tried windowblinds after all the hype on DA.  I wasn't impressed, in fact I thought it was crap.  I uninstalled it less than six hours later.

Next... Litestep.  We'll see how that goes.