Lycanthrope Club: Book I Update 04-25-12

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Lobo Leo is working on the illustrations again.

Dirk Tiede is still/also working on the illustrations as well.

That is all.
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That is good to hear. Always looking forward to good news. Yeah, there is drama back on Alpha Luna page mostly from teens. [link]
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Sorry, I don't know when or if he'll return to Alpha Luna. I didn't ask and I don't intend to ask; enough people are pestering him about it already.
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I can't see why people get's angry just because some people has other things to do, then pleasing them. I'll keep waiting no matter what :D
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yea come back to alpha luna and tell them your at least alive. the drama is geting worse by the day.
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If you see Lobo Leo, could you (maybe) ask him if he's gonna come back on his Alpha Luna web-site, not to post a new page, but at least to say "hey guyz, I'm aliiiive!", because there, it's getting worse and worse everyday he's not around.
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So does that mean you'll end up having more illustrations then necessary?
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No, they're splitting the workload. The number of illustrations planned for the book will remain the same.
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He's still alive? o_O
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I find this outstanding.
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that's nice to hear, btw you have news of Leo?
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