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The Lycanthrope Club Webcomic, Chapter 2 Page 2


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The Lycanthrope Club Webcomic, Chapter 2 Page 2


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Guide to The Lycanthrope Club

The Lycanthrope Club series chronicles the emergence of a relatively benign form of lycanthropy in the United States. Unlike many other werewolf stories, there are no vampires, no ancient conspiracies or secret societies (at least not initially), no weak pseudoscientific justifications (beyond wild speculation), no return of magic or awakening of Gaia – just a girl who becomes a werewolf and what follows. Although nothing in the series goes above a strong PG-13 to weak R rating in terms of content, bear in mind that the series is about 20% fanservice. That said, this story isn't about the fanservice. The series consists of three novella

Introduction to the Lycanthrope Club Series

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The Woods - A Werewolf Story

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The Lycanthrope Club

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Refugees 4

An eerie silence had filled the courtyard. The dead, dying, and wounded had been carted away, leaving the crowd noticeably thinner. Those whom remained were sitting or lying on the ground or in makeshift shelters, staring forlornly up at the charcoal sky. Nest guards and other armored warriors were stationed at key locations – at gates, doors, and towers – their countenances grim. The air stank of brimstone and soot. "It cannot be helped, Leucinan," muttered Beldwin under his breath. Leucinan glanced up. Beldwin was sitting beside him, staring down at the earth, clutching something in his gnarled fist.  A mass of soiled and bloody


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The Lycanthrope Club Webcomic, Chapter 2 Page 2

The Lycanthrope Club Webcomic

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