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Clementine brushed aside a low-hanging branch as she emerged from the forest. She sniffed the air, her breath visible in the frigid night, and gazed down the winding two-land road before her. Apart from Dr. Erikson's car there was no sign of anyone - werewolf or otherwise. The road ahead and behind was silent, dark and empty.  Her gaze slowly drifted up to the nearly-full moon. The sight of the pale white sphere sent electric tingles running through Clementine's transformed body. She stood there for a while, basking in the strange yet invigorating sensation.

"Are you alright?"

Clementine blinked. She turned and saw Dr. Erikson looking at her quizzically. His dull yellow eyes shone eerily in the gloom.

"Y-Yeah," she managed.

Dr. Erikson stared at her just long enough to make her feel uncomfortable before continuing.

"I'll get what I need from the car and then we'll make our way to the campground," he said, gesturing at his sedan.

"Um, sure," said Clementine uncertainly. "What...what do you need in there anyhow?"

There was a pause.

"Well, food for one thing," said the doctor. He started walking towards the car.  "Not much, but enough to tide us over."

"Food?" said Clementine, hurrying after him. "Uh, don't get me wrong, I'm...I'm actually pretty hungry, but-"

"Lycanthropes have nearly three times the caloric requirement of the average person," said Dr. Erikson. "And transforming burns a lot of calories. Trust me. We'll need some protein to get through this."

They reached the car. Dr. Erikson reached down and flipped open the trunk. Curious, Clementine trotted forward to peer over his shoulders but stopped mid-step as she realized she and the doctor were basically naked. True, he was still wearing some kind of black elastic undergarment - not quite shorts, not quite briefs - but the way it tightly adhered to his backside, well, naked would have almost been less enticing. Then there was his Herculean physique, strange yet alluring musk and fine, silvery grey pelt of fur.

Wait, fur? Why was she...

Embarrassed, almost ashamed, she stepped back and, keeping her distance, circled around him to get a view of his trunk.

Car trunk, she reminded herself, tail tucked between her legs.

She gazed down. The felt-lined interior was littered with shiny rectangular yellow, red and blue plastic packages.

"Beef jerky?" said Clementine.

"Only thing I could find at the last gas station that was made of meat," grunted Dr. Erikson, grabbing a bunch of the plastic parcels. "I bought all they had - beef, turkey, pork." He grabbed another handful and proffered them to Clementine. "Normally I'd bring something more substantial but I had to leave in a hurry."

"Uh, thanks," she said, holding the packages in two paws. The doctor had already torn open one of his and was literally wolfing down its contents. The scent of smoked beef and spices filled the air. Clementine's mouth started to water. She looked down and awkwardly shuffled the packets around, trying to get a grip on the edge of one to open it before giving up and ripping all of them open with her sharp fangs. She lifted the packages into the air and devoured the meaty chunks. The jerky wasn't actually that good. It was too dry and the spices detracted from the savory flavor of the meat rather than compliment it. At least to her palate. Still, it was better than nothing. She finished the last of it and, still hungry, reached in the trunk for more. As she scooped up another bunch of the packets she noticed a hard plastic case about the size of a shoebox sitting in a corner.

"What's that?" asked Clementine absently, pointing at the case.

Dr. Erikson gazed down at the trunk. He swallowed a mouthful of jerky before speaking.

"The other reason I came back," he said. "It's a gun."

"Oh," said Clementine.

"A gun with silver bullets."

Clementine stared at the case.

"It's a last resort, of course," said the doctor. "But..."

"I know," said Clementine quickly. She ripped open another packet of jerky and started chewing furiously. Dr. Erickson gave her a look.

" incoherent was she when you last saw her," he asked. "Agatha, I mean."

"Completely nuts," replied Clementine, still chewing.

"Could you qualify that?"

Clementine sighed. She lowered the jerky.

"At first she was just temperamental, I guess," she said. "When we were loading the car back at the university she lost her shit just because she thought I wasn't packing our stuff right. She got this look in her eyes I'd never seen before - like she was ready to tear my throat out." She hesitated. "Kinda makes sense now. But, when she showed up at the ranger station after disappearing from the cabin, well, that's when things got freaky. She was naked, wouldn't say a word, wouldn't do anything; it was like she was sleepwalking or in some kind of trance."


"The ranger, uh, wanted to examine her," said Clementine uneasily, recalling the uncomfortable exchange at the station. "I think he'd figured what she was. I'm still not sure exactly what happened, but she screamed and then she was gone. That was the last time I saw her."

"Almost sounds like a fugue state," mused the doctor. "Coupled with her expressed desire to escape the world...might explain her actions, at least in part."

"Thought you said you weren't a psychiatrist."

"I'm not," said the doctor. "That doesn't mean I'm unfamiliar with the basics of pathopsychology." He sighed, shaking his head. "But the introduction of werewolf instincts complicates her case."

"That's an understatement," said Clementine.

"The truth is there's still a lot we don't understand about lycanthropy," said Dr. Erikson. He swallowed another strip of jerky. "It breaks the laws of physics as we understand them but does seem to adhere to a twisted logic all its own. It isn't an easy phenomenon to study. Putting aside the need for secrecy, lack of funding, lack of qualified researchers and subjects, it's almost...idiosyncratic."


"At times it functions differently depending on the individual or even the situation," he explained. "There's the existence of variant morphs, how moonlight, the fact the sight of the moon or even an image of a full moon can trigger the initial transformation in some individuals, and-" he stopped mid-sentence and shook his head. "Long story short, lycanthropy is odd and unpredictable."

There was silence.

"Then maybe it shouldn't be used to cure people," said Clementine quietly.

Dr. Erikson's nostrils flared but he showed no other outward sign of irritation.

"I'm not going to argue with you," he said. "Had enough to eat?"

"Yeah, I guess," said Clementine, shrugging her furry shoulders. In truth, she was still pretty hungry but didn't want to linger.

"Then we should get moving," said the doctor. He tossed the empty packets into the trunk and grabbed a wide leather belt from deep inside. He wrapped the belt around his waist, tightened it, then turned back to the trunk and flipped open the gun case. He pulled out an almost cartoonishly large revolver, flipped the cylinder and started loading silver-tipped bullets into the slots. Finished, he pushed the cylinder back in position and tucked the weapon into an oversized holster attached to the belt. "Still sure you want to come with me?"

"Yes," said Clementine adamantly.

"Stay close behind and do exactly what I say," he said. "I don't like doing this but Agatha might respond to a friendly, familiar face."

"Not necessarily in a good way," she murmured to herself as they turned to leave.

* * *

It started around the time Clementine spotted the entrance to the park through the trees.

It wasn't a sound. Though her mind registered it as a sort of low drone her ears swore they heard nothing. It wasn't painful. Not exactly. It was unsettling and uncomfortable but didn't actually trigger any pain receptors. It was too intense to dismiss as mere jitters yet not so powerful to be debilitating. It was, in short, a senseless sensation - a feeling with no physical basis that made Clementine shudder. The newly transformed werewolf had experienced a plethora of bizarre, agonizing and even wonderful feelings since her metamorphosis but none had felt this...alien.

She glanced nervously ahead at Dr. Erikson's hulking form. He didn't seem to be affected. Or simply wasn't saying anything.

The pair emerged from the forest and stepped onto the road leading to the park. There were no cars. The kiosk-like building, though dark, was still standing. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Then, there was a soft rustling all around them. Clementine gazed up and saw the boughs gently swaying. She lifted her nose and sniffed the air.

"Someone's near," she murmured, staring into the park.

"I smell them too," said Dr. Erikson, nodding. "Definitely another lycanthrope, but it's not Agatha."

"How do yo-" began Clementine before pausing and shaking her head. "Yeah, of course you'd know what she smells like. But how do you know it's a wer-"

"You just know," answered Dr. Erikson before she could finish. "It's instinct. There's another werewolf out there - probably one of your friends or one of the rangers. Stay behind me," said Dr. Erikson, glancing over his shoulders at her. He coughed. "And if you feel any...well, if you suspect Agatha is attempting to influence you, let me know."

The disconcerting sensation hadn't gone away. Clementine's lips tightened. Dreading his reaction but unwilling to continue without telling him what she was experiencing, she opened her mouth to speak but was interrupted by a loud howl.

"Looks like we have company," growled Dr. Erikson. Clementine saw him lower his paw to his revolver. She gulped. Several, tense seconds passed. Neither she nor Dr. Erikson moved a muscle. Then, Clementine's keen ears twitched. She heard footsteps. They were faint, barely audible - not surprising given the spongy consistency of the needle-strewn forest floor. The footsteps grew louder.

"Who's there!" barked Dr. Erikson. "Show yourself."

He was answered with a guttural snarl.

A loping shape emerged from around the kiosk-like building. At first Clementine thought it was a bear as it was about the same shape and size and was running along on all fours. But when she caught the thing's scent there was no mistaking it. The werewolf had a thick dark brown pelt and glowing yellow eyes. It looked bulkier than Dr. Erikson but not quite as long. Its hot breath curled in the air around its mouth as it ran.

"Freeze!" roared Dr. Erikson, whipping out his gun.

The werewolf paid no heed. It charged towards them like a thing possessed. Though frightened, Clementine heard a rumbling growl escape her throat. Claws emerged unprompted from her trembling paws. Even if she was unready for a fight, her body seemed to be.

Suddenly, Dr. Erikson raised his weapon to the sky and fired.

Clementine yelped and covered her ears. It had been so loud! Grimacing, she lowered her paws and stared down at them, half-expecting to blood on her leathery pads.

Fortunately, the sound had had the same effect on the other werewolf, which had rolled to the ground, also clutching its ears. Clementine stared at it. No, him. The werewolf was definitely a guy. Though his lupine face was contorted in a mask of rage and pain there were features present in it that she recognized. The slightly rounded chin, the large lips...

"Lazlo!" she gasped.

Lazlo writhed around on the ground for a few seconds longer before scrambling back on his feet. He looked up at them and started growling, crouching low as though readying to strike, hackles raised.

"This is one of your friends?" growled Dr. Erikson, keeping his gun trained on him.

"Yeah, I think so," whimpered Clementine, coming to grips with this grim reality. It was indeed Lazlo, but there didn't seem to be much of the goofy bright young college student left in the maddened animal before her. She winced and gingerly touched her right temple; the strange feeling was getting stronger. It was making her angry.

"Damn it," she snarled.

"What?" said Dr. Erikson.

"Just...come on, Lazlo, snap out of it!" she said irritably, ignoring the doctor. "Aggie is fucking with your head!"

Lazlo stopped for a moment, seemingly more puzzled than anything else, then continued growling. He started moving closer.

"I told you not to say anything!" shouted Dr. Erikson irately.

"This guy is going to shoot you if you don't cut it out!" barked Clementine, gesturing at Dr. Erikson. "They're silver bullets! Come on, Lazlo, you're smarter than this."

Lazlo didn't react. He was now mere yards away.

"I'm sorry, but I don't think he's capable of understanding you," said the doctor, lifting his revolver.

"You don't know that!" snapped Clementine.

"I'm sorry, but-"

"You're sorry? Sorry? What do you-" Clementine stopped, biting her lips so hard they bled. She was furious - enraged beyond measure. She wanted to rip the gun out of the doctor's paws and shoot him. Then Lazlo.

Clementine shook her head. The fact she had seriously considered killing her friend was enough to mute the murderous rage that had briefly consumed her. As insane as the situation was she couldn't understand why she had gotten so angry. At everything and everyone. Then, she gazed at Lazlo's snarling face and saw something of herself in him.

Clementine's mind raced. She wasn't sure what she came up with would work but it was either that or watch Lazlo get brutalized or shot. Or both.

"Put the gun down," she whispered.


"Just...put the gun down," repeated Clementine louder, crouching.

"Don't even think about attacking him," growled the doctor.

Clementine stared directly into Lazlo's gleaming yellow eyes. Then, before either Lazlo or the doctor could react she dived towards Lazlo and hugged him, nearly tackling him to the ground in the process. The brown-furred werewolf reared back in confusion. He shook his mane, twisted his neck and bucked wildly in a vain attempt to throw Clementine off. He snapped at the air but simply couldn't reach her. Clementine held on tight.

"You're my friend, you're my friend, you're my friend..." repeated Clementine over and over again. She shut her eyes and focused on all the good memories she'd shared with him. All the fun they had had - his kindness, humor, insight.

Lazlo slowed down. His attempts to escape became increasingly feeble. He stood there for a few seconds, panting for air, Clementine still wrapped around his neck. Then he collapsed with a sad whimper. The two lay there on the ground for a time, chests rising and falling as they breathed in and out. Dr. Erikson stared at them.

"Say something, Lazlo," whispered Clementine urgently into his ear. "Do you understand me?"

There was a pause.

"Grryearrrh," rumbled Lazlo.



"Can't you talk?" said Clementine.

"He...should be able to," said Dr. Erikson, finally holstering his weapon. "He doesn't look like a Beast variant."

"What?" said Clementine.

"Not important now," said the doctor. "I think he's just exhausted. Mentally and physically."

"Yeah, looks like it," said Clementine softly, rising. Despite his massive, ferocious form Lazlo looked rather pathetic now. He had gone into the fetal position, his fur was a mess, caked with dirt and needles. His bright pink tongue lolled out on the ground.

"What did you do?" asked the doctor suspiciously.

"I...I think Aggie is controlling...was controlling him by overwhelming him with anger," she said uncertainly. "Maybe controlling isn't the right word. But I thought if I could make him remember who he was...God this sounds stupid," she said bitterly. "Like some kind Saturday morning cartoon."

"It worked," said the doctor. "That's what matters."

There was silence.

"What should we do with him?" said Clementine.

Dr. Erikson frowned.

"Leave him here for now," he said. "We need to neutralize Agatha as soon as possible."

Clementine shuddered when he said 'neutralize' but nodded in agreement. She bent down next to Lazlo.

"Hang in there," she said softly.

* * *

The cabin door shook violently. The nails that had Clementine had pounded through its frame buckled under the assault. Then, there was a metallic groan punctuated by sounds of splintering wood as the already broken and battered door was ripped off its hinges. Dr. Erikson stepped over the threshold and peered into the gloom. He cautiously sniffed the air, froze, and then narrowed his eyes. He glanced back out the now doorless portal. Clementine was standing there, waiting.

"Someone's here," he whispered. He raised a clawed digit to his lips.

Clementine nodded.

The pair went into the station. It was quiet. Very quiet. The creak of the wooden floor under their heavy footsteps resonated eerily throughout the abandoned building. Clementine looked around and did not like what she saw. The front desk had been overturned. Various paperwork, pens, pencils, envelops and other office supplies lay scattered about the floor. The computer tower and monitor had been knocked over and the keyboard had been literally broken in half. There was, among other things, a faint smell of blood in the air.

"Over here!" growled Dr. Erikson, who had ventured into the main living area. Clementine hurried through the archway.

The room was more or less how she remembered it, though one or two pieces of furniture looked out of place or knocked over. The heavy metal bookcase ranger Rick had used to block the window - now shattered - was still on the floor. Then, she noticed something lying on the sofa. It was breathing, and didn't smell like a werewolf. Curious but cautious, Clementine walked up and joined the doctor, who was standing next to the sofa.

"One of the rangers," he said quietly.

It was ranger Theo, still in uniform. He appeared to be sleeping.

"Yeah, he's the first one that went missing after Aggie did," said Clementine.

"He seems stable," said the doctor. "Uninjured beyond a few scrapes. Let's wake him."

"I...I don't think it'll work," said Clementine, shaking her head.

There was a soft creak somewhere in the building. Clementine and the doctor whirled around. It sounded like someone or something had opened a door.

"It''s another werewolf, right?" hissed Clementine.

Dr. Erikson turned and nodded. As though to underscore this, a growl emanated from down the hall leading to the bedrooms. Heavy footsteps followed. The doctor reached down for his weapon.

"If it's Cody or Joshleen I might be able to snap them out of it, like Lazlo," said Clementine.

"I hope so," said Dr. Erikson quietly.

The two of them kept their eyes locked on the hallway. The footsteps grew louder. Clementine nervously licked her lips. The strange sensation hadn't gone away but had lessened considerably. Still, this didn't inspire much confidence.

A long, dark, furry lupine leg stepped out of the shadows.

"Joshleen..." breathed Clementine.

Her pelt was black with brown mottles around her forehead and abdomen. Unlike Lazlo she was lean, almost slender; beyond her modest breasts there wasn't an inch of fat on her, nothing spare. Tight, sinewy muscles flexed beneath her fur as she walked. Though her dark-brown hair had retained some of its characteristic curl it now hung limply from her scalp, obscuring her face. Her glowing jade eyes, however, shone through her tresses - pinpoints of green light suspended in a vague black void. She entered the room, flexing her disproportionally large paws as she walked. She stopped, and then slowly lifted her head. Her hair parted, revealing her grinning, monstrous lupine countenance.

"You're back," intoned Joshleen, her voice, unlike Clementine's, disconcertingly unaffected by her transformation.

Clementine opened her mouth to respond, but no words were forthcoming.  

"Joshleen," began Dr. Erikson. "My name is Timothy Erikson. I'd like to help you."

Joshleen turned to him. Her manic grin contracted into an angry scowl.

"You don't belong here," she snarled, raising a clawed finger. "Get out."

"Please, I'd like you to liste-"

"I SAID GET OUT!" roared Joshleen, bearing her teeth.

Clementine saw a momentary flicker of anger in the doctor's eyes. But he took a deep breath and continued in a calm voice.

"Please, I'd like you to listen," he said. "We're worried about you." He gestured at Clementine. "Your friend is worried about you."

"There's nothing to be worried about," snapped Joshleen. "Except you." She turned to Clementine. "You shouldn't have left, Clementine," she said sadly. "There's... we can't feel you."

"You...can't feel me?" said Clementine, equal parts confused and disturbed.

"You shouldn't have left," said Joshleen again, shaking her head. "But it's alright. Aggie will make things better."

As Joshleen spoke, a wave of dizziness swept over Clementine, who groaned and stumbled back, clutching her forehead. The strange feeling was back but instead of enraging her it was making her lethargic. She started swaying, eyelids fluttering. Her body felt as though it had been encased in lead. Her thoughts grew dim, fluid and vague.

A sharp pain erupted along her right shoulder. Clementine yelped in pain and clutched her side. She whirled around and saw Dr. Erikson retracting a paw. She glared accusingly at him but realized he'd done her a favor. She nodded, turned back to Joshleen and frowned. The invasive thoughts or whatever was affecting her hadn't gone away, but she felt in control again. At least for now.

"Where's Cody, Joshleen?" said Clementine firmly.

"Around," said Joshleen, languidly drawing a circle in the air with a claw.

"Where is he, Joshleen?" growled Clementine. "What did you...what did you and Aggie do to him?"

There was a pause.

"Only what he wanted," said Joshleen slyly. She tilted her head back slightly and chuckled.

"That's...really messed up, Joshleen."

"He seemed to enjoy it. Most of it, at least," said Joshleen with, what Clementine thought, was infuriating calmness. "And why not? Out here, we can do whatever we want," she continued dreamily. "No worries, no dangers, freedom...why go back?"

Clementine snorted.

"So, what, we'd run around the woods like a bunch of animals for the rest of our lives?" said Clementine. "What kind of stupi-

"Easy," cut in the doctor.  "Joshleen, I'm sorry, but what about your parents? Your family? Shouldn't you at least say goodbye to them? They'd miss you."

For the first time since she appeared, Joshleen seemed nonplussed. Her lips tightened.

" doesn't matter," she murmured.

"I think it does matter," said the doctor steadily. "Look, is everything alright between you and your parents?"

"W-What? Of course!"

"Then shouldn't you at least talk to them before you leave?"


"We're not asking you to leave the park," continued Dr. Erikson slowly. "We just want you to think about what you're doing. Do you really never want to see your parents again? Or anyone else, for that matter?"

"Well, I...I don't know?"

"We just want you to think about it," said the doctor raising his paws in a conciliatory gesture.

Joshleen turned away and lowered her head. Her hair drooped over her face again. She took a step back, nervously rubbing her forearm with her paw and muttering to herself.

"Aggie, he...I, maybe we should talk, I know but...but...what about them..." she babbled.

"Jos-" began Clementine only to be stopped when Dr. Erikson put a paw on her shoulder and shook his head. Clementine tightened her lips but complied. Joshleen took another step back. Though she could not see her expression, Clementine could tell Joshleen was growing increasingly distraught.

"It's like she...reprograms them," breathed Clementine. "And they just...crash when they hear something that makes too much sense."

"I doubt it's that simple, but I see what you mean," said the doctor somewhat reproachfully.

Clementine saw the blur of motion coming but could not react in time. A large figure slammed into Joshleen and knocked her to the floor. There was a yelp followed by a cacophony of angry snarls, growls and scrabbling paws as Joshleen and her aggressor fought literally tooth and nail. Both Clementine and Dr. Erikson just stood there for a few seconds, stunned. A quick whiff of the air confirmed that the attacker was a werewolf.

"Shit!" swore Clementine. She hesitated for a second longer before plunging into the fight, soon followed by Dr. Erikson.

It was difficult for Clementine to tell who was who; whether the arm in front of her belonged to Dr. Erikson, Joshleen or her assailant. She desperately pushed, grabbed, punched, clawed and bit. She in turn was slashed, bruised, raked and savaged. Blood soaked her fur. Eventually, Clementine managed to get a hold of Joshleen by wrapping both arms around her shoulders and pulled her from the melee. Dr. Erikson tripped the other werewolf by grabbing its leg, dragged it away and basically sat on top of it. Joshleen's attacker thrashed about on the floor but could not escape.

"I got her!" gasped Clementine. "I...I got her."

"Hold her!" roared the doctor. He seized one of the other werewolf's arms and twisted it. Joshleen's attacker cried out in pain and stopped struggling. Clementine peered around Joshleen's body and down at her attacker. It', his fur was grayish white darkening to a sort of speckled brown along his back. He didn't look quite as heavy as Lazlo but still boasted an impressive muscular frame. His eyes glowed dark red, though they seemed to be dimming.

"Another one of your friends or someone else?" barked Dr. Erikson.

"I...I can't tell from here," said Clementine. "Who is that, Joshleen! Tell me!"

There was no response. Clementine realized that Joshleen was hanging limply in her arms. She slowly let go. Joshleen slid down her chest and slumped to the floor like a rag doll. Clementine stared down at Joshleen's unmoving form, then quickly bent down and pressed her ear against her chest. Several terrifying seconds passed. Then, to her relief, she detected a dull throb.

"She out," said Clementine, rising. "Alive, but out."

"Same with our new friend here," said the doctor.

Clementine winced and clutched her side. Blood was seeping out of a nasty bite wound she'd sustained during the fight. Shaking off the pain, she carefully stepped over Joshleen and approached the doctor and the other werewolf. She bent down and checked the attacker's face. Through the fur and fuzz there was something familiar about the werewolf's features. Then there was his dirty-blonde hair.

"I'm...pretty sure that's Cody," she said, shaking her head sadly. "I guess Aggie didn't want to change the rangers."

"Seems that way," said Dr. Erikson, standing.

"I hope ranger Rick is alright," murmured Clementine.

There was a moment of awkward, uncertain silence. Clementine gazed down at the two unconscious werewolves, around the ravaged station and up at Dr. Erikson.

"That leaves Aggie," said Clementine.

"Yes," said Dr. Erikson. He gave her a careful look. "I think it might be best if yo-"

An inhuman shriek filled the air. It was so loud the floor seemed to tremble beneath their feet. Both of them froze, listening. It had come from the forest.

"Stay in the station," ordered Dr. Erikson, reaching for his gun.


"Stay inside," he repeated firmly. "I've already put you in enough danger." He paused. "Scratch that. I want you to take your friends and get out of here."

"How! They're all unconscious!" protested Clementine.

"Put them on a mattress or blanket and drag them away if you have to!" snapped the doctor, already heading towards the exit. "Just go!" He stepped through the archway leading to the foyer and disappeared.

Clementine stood there, trembling, alone once again. The strange mental drone had grown more intense following the shriek. It tormented her - like a thousand nails scratching a chalkboard. She shut her eyes and grimaced, wishing it away. Then, a soft gasp escaped her lips. It felt like something had cracked her skull open. She clutched her head with both paws and screamed in frustration, pain, anger and fear. The moment passed.

She stood there for a time, panting.

"Damn it," she whimpered between breaths. "I... I don't care anymore. I just...want it to end."

She turned and slowly walked towards the foyer. She stepped around the overturned desk and stared out the doorless entrance. She saw no sign of the doctor. But there was someone, or something, standing a hundred or so yards out on the edge of the parking lot, barely visible in the weak light of the nearly full moon. It was ludicrously tall, nearly ten feet from toe to head, thin, with long, gangly limbs, almost making it resemble a spider. Most striking, however, were its eyes. They were mauve and gleamed with a frightening intensity.
Tenth chapter of a series set in the Lycanthrope Club universe. This takes place after the events of Book II/The Lycanthrope Club. 

We're moving towards the climatic ending!
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Gowcaizer Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2018
With the end of this fictive work at hand, I would like to suggest a subject for the next entry in the Lycanthrope Club universe. Something briefly alluded to in Crescent Shadows: Military lycanthrope programs. Specifically, the tale of the recruitment conversion and "adaptation" of the first team of US werewolf soldiers.

I think it would be a very interesting thing to look at to see the wider effects of the spread of lycanthropy.
laztrohyer Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2018
i love this story
Drucchi Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So low strength brainwashing confirmed, now we just need to know if it is her own doing or perhaps something ala the shaman from the old cannon.
Maelstromknight Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2018
I suppose the last werewolf is Aggie. Poor girl, I hope they'll manage to save her.
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