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The Lycanthrope Club series chronicles the emergence of a relatively benign form of lycanthropy in the United States. Unlike many other werewolf stories, there are no vampires, no ancient conspiracies or secret societies (at least not initially), no weak pseudoscientific justifications (beyond wild speculation), no return of magic or awakening of Gaia – just a girl who becomes a werewolf and what follows. Although nothing in the series goes above a strong PG-13 to weak R rating in terms of content, bear in mind that the series is about 20% fanservice. That said, this story isn't about the fanservice.

The series consists of three novellas, starting with The Woods: A Werewolf Story, followed by the Lycanthrope Club, which transitions to the Lycanthrope Club Vignettes and then Crescent Shadows. Although the three novellas can be read in any order it is recommended you start with The Woods, then The Lycanthrope Club, The Lycanthrope Club Vignettes, and Crescent Shadows.

UPDATE: The original three novellas have since been rewritten and revised. They are not posted on my dA page but are available for free download at . You can also purchase hard copies of the revised novellas at via Lulu or on Amazon. The revised novellas include illustrations (the printed editions also include other goodies, such as sketch art and bonus stories). Deluxe full color PDFs are available to those who contribute a small amount of money to the project (again,

Because the original titles were a bit vague each revised novella has been re-branded as one book of a three book series called "The Lycanthrope Club."

The Woods: A Werewolf Story = The Lycanthrope Club: Book I
The Lycanthrope Club = The Lycanthrope Club: Book II
Crescent Shadows = The Lycanthrope Club: Book III (not yet released)

The overall plots of the revised novellas are essentially the same as their original counterparts. There are some differences - both minor and major - but the characters, setting, and narratives haven't changed much, if at all. I consider the revised novellas superior in terms of writing quality and story structure.
First time reader? Start here.
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MitchellTF Featured By Owner Edited Feb 21, 2018
Feel bad about never doing that review I promised...(I never did it 'cause I never got the hits to make anyone new actually see it!)
Heliotroph Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2018
No worries. Glad to hear from you again!
MitchellTF Featured By Owner May 7, 2018
HEhehe. Little worries. I was afraid you were angry about it!
ArthurSalim Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2017
Oh! Aint that useful, i love when authors do that, helps a lot for us first time readers
human72 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2014
I see so that is the set up and what not to the lycanthroe club. though what else can be said of it.
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