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All applications will be accepted till December 30th! After that, no competitors can be applied to the group! Be sure to get your applications filled out and ready to go!

Please become a member if you have intentions of being a NPC / Spectator and roleplay. Otherwise, please watch this group instead.


Head Judge





If you want to be an Affiliate, just send us a affiliation request. Please add us as well when you see your group here. Please only Nintentdo / Pokemon related groups.
So yeah... all these updates... it's kind of unusual with Helios, now isn't it? Well... sorry everyone... but this is going to be the last update for Helios for... what I imagine to be a very... very long while. This is because... we're actually making a move since it seems that Helios will not fall into the hands of a new founder. While it's unfortunate that nothing has been done about it or can be done about it... well... we're deciding to take advice from many that have offered up their two cents and we're moving.


:iconheliosconference: ----> :iconhyperionconference:

Don't worry... everything thad had taken place here for Secret Santa is still in our document and saved. C:; So no need to worry about that. I'm sorry to say that those that are still interested in this competition will have to move their stuff from the Helios Gallery into the Hyperion Gallery.
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