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Red Dead Redemption 2: Arthur Var. 4

:bulletblack:  All assets displayed are property of Rockstar Games/Studios. I claim no ownership. Use for non-monetary purpose only.  :bulletblack:  
:bulletblack:  I do not accept commissions or requests. Instead use your money to buy the games and support the developers.  :bulletblack:

Developer: Rockstar Studios
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Rip-Platform: PS4

Model: Arthur Morgan Variant 4
   Rigging: :bulletgreen: unedited original
   Meshes: :bulletgreen: unedited original
   Texture: :bulletgreen: unedited TGA (lossless)
   Notes: Includes hair alb texture (game uses mask, which is still included).

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What do you use to convert the ytd and ydr files?

I've been trying to convert the PC files to something usable and got them extracted by am stuck on this as the GTA converters do not seem to work on the PC RDR2 files.

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is this for Garry Mod?

What program can I use to open this model?

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ho-lee shit someone managed to do it.... i love you
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These are great!  Thanks for sharing these.  I hope you can get the entire gang done :)
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Anyone know how to set up proper materials for each piece in Blender Cycles? Been at it for days but not getting good results.
Hold on a moment. I thought this game couldn't be ripped because the PS4 software version wasn't cracked.
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It still isn't cracked in public but someone was kind enough to pass me the files and tool anyway.
Interesting. I suppose this could mean that if someone was given the files, KH3 could be ripped.
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Yeah if someone is kind enough to rip it, it'd be possible
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