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We're comming for you, Calypso!

By Helios437
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The characters of Calypso's twisted contest, uniting to bring him down... Will they stand much of a chance? Probably not.

No real reason for this one, other than I wanted to do a pic of all of them standing together. Id started this a while ago and never got around to finishing it.

Purely because I ran out of time; omitted from this pic was a sinister evil calypso leering at them from the skies, and the three bosses (brothers grim\Iron Maiden\Carnival of Carnage).

Background buildings a little rushed here too.

Enjoy yet ANOTHER tm fan art (boy I gotta lay off this game LOL)
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Lego vs Heronicle: Cory's first adventures in... Twisted Metal
Cory, Needles Kane (TMB), Dollface (TMB), Mr. Grimm (TMB) and Charlie Kane (Aka Sweet Tooth) are about to unite to put a end to Calypso's contest with the help of the other drivers (From the Twisted Metal games) built by Cory.
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AU: Everyone, survives their wish (Maybe expect, Mr grimm, because he might be old). And they join forces to help, preacher taken down Calypso.
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NO! You Have to Believe Me Calypso is The Reason For All The Violence HE IS THE DEVIL!
- Preacher (AKA Brimstone From TMB) in TM2012
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I laaav it; this is perf. : )

Amazing job on the colors, and like TOTES that background. Loving the depth of ST's blade and the priest's pose going on over there. Good jorb c:
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yeah that was my first try at depth of field. Good old blur tool!
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You did a Perfect awesome work!!!! Good work! Well done!
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This... is... AWESOME!!!!!!

*prepares the trio their weapons*
*personality shifts*
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Hmm, if anyone has a chance of killing Calypso in a physical fight, it'd be Needles. But, he has all those crazy supernatural Hx powers, so I dunno. Awesome picture though!
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be an awesome fight anyways! and thanks.
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Indeed it would.

Sure thing!
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Payback sure is sweet.
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I'm sure they will for they are backed by the wrath of God!
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I hope Sweet Tooth is prepared to face his daughter, Sweet Chick, in battle.
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nice work man! I have just uploaded a Mr Grimm fanart too, take care!
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thanks! Just checked yours out too, awesome stuff!
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"Your wish... is... GRANTED!"

Calypso is AWESOME! The most hated character in the game, but the most badass.
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damn right! And in the new game he's even more of a bastard hehe.
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I sure hope there are other characters that want their wishes and revenges.
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