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Mr Grimm -Twisted metal Redesign

By Helios437
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Another one, this time Mr Grimm. Felt like doing something a bit different with the description, so here goes...

"Name: Mr Grimm

Rumor is abound that Reaper's rider is death itself. Here to claim the souls of the dead in person. Others believe its some dingus in a mask, with deep pockets and a tricked out motorcycle. Either way, Grimm is a vicious opponent, and should be handled with caution. It seems to have a keen interest in the contest, including its demented host, Calypso.

Vehicle: Reaper

Larger than most bikes, Reaper is a sports bike with a dark side. While slower than previous bikes, It is more heavily armored than it would appear.

Speed: ****
Armor: **
Special: *****

Special Weapon 1:
Reaper Scythe Sever
Grimm drags the scythe behind him, ripping the physical matter beneath him to create a scar in reality. While the wound is open, anything near it will be drawn in, causing constant damage, and holding its victims in place while it remains active.

Special Weapon 2:
Scythe Throw
Reaper charges the massive Scythe, before throwing it forward, causing massive damage to anything it hits."


PS CS2: bout One hour-ish.
Listened to a variety of Epic Rock on Youtube while I did this.
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He'll steal your soul!

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That is the best depiction I have ever seen. Love the bike and the hood! Great work!
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Best. Grimm. EVER
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I would like too see him like a boss, but i dont think it could be a idea. He is just too fast and small.
Good art, though.
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I wonder why Mr. Grimm was never as popular as Sweet Tooth. Sure, he's one of the series' most notable characters, but the amount of attention he gets is nonexistent compared to the killer clown. The Grim Reaper riding a motorcycle, how awesome is that?
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Love this! Great ideas and redesign.
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Whoa...dang, this is truly amazing artwork. =D
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hey do you think you could draw Marcus? and i mean the buff immortal Marcus Kane from black.
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You mean Minions driver? I could give it a go at some point.
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Yes... You do realize Marcus Kane is immortal by the time tm:b takes place right?
Helios437's avatar
Isnt he the split personality of sweettooth, or something like that? I had the censored version of tm:b so the story of it is still a bit vague to me.
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Ah yes, I could tell you A LOT about that. But I'll keep it simple. Needles "sweet tooth" Kane. Is Marcus. Only faster and evil. As of now Needles trapped Marcus in his mind due to the wish Marcus made in twisted metal head on.
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I think this is what mr grimm or how it's called now "reaper" should've looked in twisted metal. I mean it even has a similar special.
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Yeah, still liked what they did with grim though. The chainsaw was a nice touch. With this I went back to the more 'grim reaper' style he had in tm1 & 2. Always liked the fact twisted metal had a supernatural twist to it.
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Although the rocket launcher second special was a bit weak.
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I just found it hard to use. When you actually nail it its pretty cool... if a little similar to the remote bombs.
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No I mean it was weak as in not very imaginative but then again what did I expect it was a special for a motorbike.
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keep it up :iconcoolplz:
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