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Final Doom PSX Nostalgia

A final doom pic inspired from days of old when all I had to play doom was a playstation.

Back then, all my mates had doom on their PC's, but my cruddy old 386 (bless it) just wasn't grunty enough, which sucked major balls, because for better or worse, I was absolutely obsessed about this game.

So when my ma and pa finally got me a PS1 for xmas, one of the first games I got was final doom (most others had the original doom for PSX, so I got this instead). And could barely tear myself away from the TV to join in the festive celebrations (seriously, I don't think I even slept that night!).

One moment that stuck with me was walking through an underground river while the starry sky above me lit the halls in a dull blue haze (the PSX versions lighting and ambient music was vastly superior to PC in my opinion, Despite the lo res graphics and missing monsters). So... I decided to paint it.

Gave him the trusty shotgun and the yellow key card (cuz no one ever seems to draw him with the keys). The level this is on is either the Canyon, Or Quarry... Honestly I cant quite remember. I Tried playing through it just to find it again, but Im running an emulator (my disk is completely fucked), and its sped up to the point where I'm getting killed by Former Humans and Imps in the first few minutes... meh maybe its just newer games making me soft. Games where so much more challenging back then...

So anyway, Enjoy and stay hearty!

EDIT: Changed a few things, mainly added some extra textures and some lighting, as it was looking a bit bare.
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MarcytheYokaiVampire's avatar
First off, whoa since when did Doom through Final doom come for the PSX? :3
second is it me or does the shotgun look almost like the shotgun from DOOM 3?
awesome art tho I love doom ^^
Helios437's avatar
Think they both came out in 95 or 96 on ps1. I didn't play them til a year or two later (god that's a long time ago!!). The shotgun in this pic was supposed to be from the original but I tend to go on a bit of a tangent with some of my work. Think the D3 shotgun looks a bit more uh... 'techy'  and sci-fi too. Never much cared for that shotgun... felt under-powered. Maybe that was the point though.
MarcytheYokaiVampire's avatar
Doom III was a major disappointment for a lot of us especially the weapons lol
Only 90s doom stuff I have is the original floppy disks of Doom before episode 4 was made, DOOM II hell on earth, and Doom 64 XD
Helios437's avatar
I appreciated what they tried to do with it (Doom 3) and had a lot of fun with it. I guess its pretty hard to live up to that sort of legacy, and given the direction they went in was such a massive change of pace, it was never going to make as much of an impact as the first two. I'm glad Doom 2016 went back to basics and turned up the action. but nothing will ever beat the originals. Hands down my favorite games ever.

Also I still have the shareware version of Doom on 3.5 Inch Floppy disks!!
MarcytheYokaiVampire's avatar
And I think they’re REALLY going back to Classic doom with doom eternal
I mean have you seen the demon remakes and weapons they showed??
Helios437's avatar
Yes! The undead marines with the military haircuts made me smile (really didn't like what they did with the former human enemies on 'DOOM' 2016. I Cant wait to rip and tear again!!
MarcytheYokaiVampire's avatar
Not to mention how super destructible they were in the game ^^
PrettyNormalMedia's avatar
Does a really good job of evoking the look and feel of the game, right down to the vague architecture and glowing keycard.
omnistar's avatar
This sure captures the mega creepy atmosphere that the PSX version had. Overtime, I grew to respect this game more for the horror element that it delivered despite the graphics not being quite on par with the PC version. Even though I sold it years back I can still play it on PC, including all other levels that were not originally with the PSX version.
ThePlamzJoker's avatar
Absolutely fantastic piece of art, I love it! PSX Doom was my childhood too, so there's a lot of great things I can identify with your experience. :D (Big Grin)
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AG-sArt's avatar
This has a great atmosphere, which does fit with the feeling I had when I was playing Final Doom when I was a teenager :D 
Stormourner's avatar
I did play the PSX version of Doom little bit at my cousins' house, since the PSX consoles are gone I couldn't play it, now I can able to play the PSX version of Doom on the PC… after 18 years <3 despite the flaws of the PSX version since it's an atmospheric masterpiece
Helios437's avatar
Yes I also found this mod (amazing what these modders can do, wish I were that smart!), though final doom hasn't been done yet, has it? As far as Im aware the soundtrack is out but not the actual game.
Stormourner's avatar
these type of people that can bring back the nostalgia in our hearts :aww: unlike the companies such as Nintendo or Sony. in the past I asked Sony to bring PSX Doom to PlayStation Network which of course it's been years and nothing happens :grump: I wish to play Doom 64 on Wii U or 3DS but that will never happen

btw the PSX Doom mod is too dark on the PC O.o
FORMAT4FOR4-1's avatar
I guess it is not impossible to get Doom 64 in the future!
Stormourner's avatar
I wish Nintendo would port Doom 64 on 3DS or Wii U, few years ago I asked them and nothing happened :grump:
Isaacclarke2's avatar
If you guys have a PC there is a DOOM64 TC for PC.
 Here is the Link…
Stormourner's avatar
ah yes I did played Doom 64 TC for the PC long time ago :aww: but I prefer the original one instead
Isaacclarke2's avatar
I understand. Nothing wrong with playing the original Doom 64, however, I did enjoy the TC. Nothing like good old DOOM 64 with a twist. LOL
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