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Doom: The Icon of Sin

Whoa, you know those paintings that just take FOREVER?! Took me about a week! Been busy, and spent maybe 10-15 on it each time I sat down at my Wacom tablet. All up I probably spent 2-3 hours over the course of the week to finish it. 

So, it started off as a pic of the doom space marine with is gun. Then added the revenant and the mastermind (bit of in fighting going on there). Finally, I added the Icon of sin in the background, first just as a pretty basic cut and paste of the original wall textures, then decided 'Nah, Fuckit... Ima gunna give him a body!'. After a bit of perusing with google, I found some refrences from different mods and other fan art. In the end he kinda ended up like a giant baron but with spikey bits. I was thinking wings, but I kinda made it so he maybe had wings at one point, but they've either rotted off or have been torn off. either or. His stomach is kinda another mouth, with what I imagine is some kind of gateway into or out of hell? Now im really talkin out my arse...

Anyway, doom fans, enjoy!
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...that marine is facing the wrong way.
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Judgment day is c
Looks similar to the icon of sin in brutal doom starter pack.
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I like to imagine the Icon of Sin as a gigantic demon who hasn't completely manifested yet
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Oh boi, well, your imagination was right.
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It did come true.
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Always enjoy the Doom fan art. Cool to see a full-bodied Icon of Sin!
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Love the concept.
am i the only one who's reminded of chernabog from night on bald mountain?....
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That guy sucked! I mean, wtf is he supposed to be?
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I like it amigo :D (Y)
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I'm sure you've heard of the "Ultimate Icon of Sin"?  I'm wondering... did you base this picture off of that mod, or did Sarge base his mod off of your drawing?
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Mod came first. I saw an image of it off google and checked it out. Inspired me to do this pic.
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EPIC illustration, love this
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thats really not too much time considering how incredible that looks.... it feels like im there!
Call it a coincidence if you may, but this picture is exactly how Icon of Sin would've looked if ID had the time and extra resources.  Remember the ending of Doom 2, how it said,


That right there tells us that the boss would've been huge, but the limitations of ID's current hardware couldn't support it.  I remember reading that from an article somewhere.  Great picture!
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oooh that icon of sin looks epic <3
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Thank you kindly!
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you're welcome!

instantly recognised that it was based on the icon of sin from that brutal doom addon map :D (Big Grin)

love brutal doom, and that improved icon of sin is totally epic! Heart 
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