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A DOOMED space marine?

Dude, seriously... stop trying to look staunch and turn around!

A doom pic I threw together. Ive been playing brutal doom lately, So I felt the need. Here's doom guy with a horde of creatures behind him. Id say he's got a good 2-3 seconds before that cyber demon's rocket launcher does its job... more than enough time for some demon killing action, right?
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Time to kick butt and rip out some guts. Amazing piece of art the spider mastermind with the cyberdemon.looks great😍

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"Death at the gates again, howling my name, can't greet you today, I have a war to win"
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You call this a challenge, he'll eat demons like those for breakfast.
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If that's Gordon Freeman with a crowbar... You all better start running.
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The invulnerability power up would do the trick, though it doesn't last that long to fight against hordes of formers and demons. 
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He doesn't need it... :)
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Ha i get it
Funny title
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If you fighting a thousand of hell spawn that mean youre activating god mode
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In doom games, and most traditional mods out there, cheat codes are typed in as it is instead of typing ~

although some mods require you to type ~
then SV_cheats 1 or sv_cheats 0 before you type the codes in 
IDDQD= degreelessness mode aka god mode
IDKFA= all weapons and keys
IDFA= Just the guns
IDCLEV##,  where the first # is the episode and the second # is the level. Doom II and all mods with doom II’s engine don’t use episodes so this is tricky

IDSPISPOPD= Noclip in Doom

IDCLIP= No clip in doom II
but since doom in general was programmed to be 2D, things get CRAZY weird and SUPER glitchy when you do this; the game might crash
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The invincibility cheat code.
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LOL that's a piece of cake for doomguy :)
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"I don't need him."
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Very very good art!
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it always bug me that doom guy does not have a name of his own everyone just calls him doom guy  but still i like the pic
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His name is ...wait for it....William Johnson B.J. Blazkowics III ....................................................................but lot of people prefer Shawn :D
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