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How to Join

To Join
:bulletgreen: Make sure you have a picture of Helios AND Chibiusa in your favs or gallery. (To test out if you really are interested--show it I will only go back 10 pages, unless you have a folder dedicated to them with images in it.)
:bulletgreen: Click on the "Join button"
:bulletgreen: Note that we will only go back 10 pages of faves, unless you've organized your gallery to make it easy to find. (It's in there... somewhere... doesn't count.)

To add things to our gallery
:bulletgreen: Everything is voted on by Hitsuji.

Submissions Guidelines
1. We accept Chibiusa AND Helios ONLY pictures.
2. Nudity will be allowed, but to be considerate of the other members of this club anything in the range of pornographic/very violent as to offend will not be.
3. We will also not collect anything that breaks Deviant Art rules.
4. Fan fiction has to have in the premise something that centers on Chibiusa AND Helios. Because that's what people expect from such a group... None of this "happens to be in there."
5. Please submit your own work to the gallery rather than others: If you like someone's work that much, then get them to join and submit it. We do not accept any works not completed by yourself or they have to be composed by you by using either by legal stock images or explicit permission.

Requests for affiliations that conflict with the group interest will be ignored. (Such as SeiyaxUsagi. HotaruxChibiusa...) Also unrelated fandoms will be ignored.
So here's the deal, I've been kinda a little busy, but I think this group is doing fairly well. Just remember if you want to join to read the Join rules.

Have a Picture of Chibiusa/incarnations thereof in your favorites AND Helios TOGETHER in your favorites.

Original creators with respect for creators are the only ones who are going to be allowed to submit to this group. Everything should follow copyright law.

DA may have taken down the policing, but hell if I'm going to.

I will respect Takeuchi-sensei's hard work and dedication to the series. The long hours of researching for all those years, her skin running thin, staying up late, running into exhaustion and getting little to no vacation by not letting people in who take scans of her work without understanding how hard it was into any of the galleries.

DA may have taken down the police, but no, I'm not going to let that slide. I'm not going to help anyone break the law just because they don't speak English.

Cosplayers, where you take a photo, you should have permission for that.

Stock photos, the permission has to be explicit.

Any images that YOU use, you should give credit for and have permission to use, explicitly stated, either by the user or by yourself and if you think I won't check, I will.

I do this for the people who did submit to the gallery and took that time and effort to learn things like composition, color, etc, took classes, and so on. It's the difference between borrowing the idea and creating something new out of it and taking someone's hard work and trying to take credit for it.

Besides, we all know, who have been in this gallery--how difficult it really is to draw or make Helios. And all know how difficult it is to compose 2 characters in a romantic way. And I think that's what makes this group unique. Also very easy to manage.
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Vi har 10 lamaer!
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If you like human x anthro love stories I got the one for you:
One Moment In Time by OMIT-Story
With new pages every Mondays and Thursdays
AngeliaFlame Featured By Owner May 5, 2011
Hi! I was wondering if you would like to include this into your gallery

Butterfly--Empress Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Hey everybody! New to the group (though I've always loved this series and this couple years ago..god i sound old >D)

Anyway I had a need to re visit my childhood and first anime love by watching all my favorite arcs of the Sailor Moon (this time in sub and not dub *though i admit it was awesome for it time as a dub when it first aired in the states...until we knew the truth LOL)

I know it probably is wayy too early for me to be even asking this (on the fact that i tend to work on too many things for many fandoms at once...) but I wanted to know if anyone...IF ANY HARDCORE CHIBIUSA/HELIOS fans out there wouldn't mind getting together to work on a fan project with me? (I don't bite...most of the time >3)

I am in the process of already making a story that I've been working in my head and on MS word for about a week now. And I believe I have a decent enough story from beginning to end that isn't overwhelming and too complicated.

It is basically a story centered on Chibiusa as 'Neo Sailor Moon' with the Asteroid Planet Senshi

Well if anyone's interested in knowing more just send me a note!
KinnoHitsuji Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
If you note the group with more specific details, I can do a journal entry about it. But you'll have to get down and dirty on the details of what you'd like in terms of help--drawing, writing, etc.
Butterfly--Empress Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
ah okay I'll do that then :3
PeachyDreamy Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2011
THIS GROUP is AWESOME!! :heart: I have been a fan of these two being together since I was a 10 year old girl in the year 2002! I am 18 now and I still love this pairing with all my heart and soul! :love: :heart:
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my entry :'D
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