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Wolves cards for Christmas!

Some of you might have seen my previous post, where I shared the original painting and explained why I was offline for such a long time. I have decided to have this painting professionally printed, and it has turned out marvellous! 

Truth is, I couldn't work a lot this year, because I spent most of Spring/Summer in hospital and the hospice, and as a result I have very little money left to keep me going for the rest of the year. Having to move house twice within a few months did not help either.

Maybe one or two of you find it in their heart to think about purchasing some of my cards as their Christmas cards this year, instead of buying the usual high street cards? They can actually compete very well, they are of outstanding quality, made of really nice, thick velvety paper stock (400g/m!).

I hope I can raise some Christmas funds for myself this way, otherwise I will have indeed a very bleak Christmas this year.... I'm slowly trying to get back to full work capacity, but of course it takes time.

You can find these cards in my Etsy shop:…   :heart: 
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So lovely, per usual! Will you be selling the original in the previous post? 

Also, so sorry to hear about your family... it is so much stress, I can only imagine. So much love and kudos to you for being there for your family and staying tough. I hope things get a little bit easier as time passes.
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Thank you so much!! <3 :hug: 
Yes, the family matters, and they are the reason why I got incredible quiet here, but they need all my attention at the moment. I hope I will have more time for art in the new year, I go insane without it!! 

The original of the wolves is indeed for sale, it is currently on display with the Royal Society of Miniature Artists in London. I can get you in contact with the gallery if you wish. The listed gallery price for it is £790. 
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The art is beautiful!
Sending best wishes for healing and recovery. I hope you are able to get stronger soonest and do more work.
I had back surgery #2 this June, after #1 last year in August, and I'm still not able to work. I know our situations are different, but I think I probably understand a bit about feeling the way you do. All the best.
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aww those cards are so cute! :OOO
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They look fantastic, I shall be spending some monies in your shop tomorrow :) take care :hug:
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Thank you so much, Dan!!! That's really appreciated! :hug:
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Welcome :) will get some cards , just making sure my guitar sells, when that goes through I'll get a print too :hug:
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Ooh, good luck with selling your guitar! What model and colour is it?? 
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Thanks! Bought 4 this year so making space :lol:…
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Oh wow, I love the sunburst finish. :)
I still have a whole selection of guitars, basses and now pretty useless amps in the loft and the garage, but I doubt anyone would spend money on that old crap. None of it was really expensive in the first place. The sentimental value is in that case bigger, but I agree, I could do with the extra space. We noticed it when we moved twice this year, how annoying big bulky things are. 
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:nod: Guitar sold, shall get spending :)
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I love your works, you have an amazing control of color and depth, keep up the amazing work!
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Your work is great and I love sending your cards!  I'll be back soon for another purchase :)
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Thank you so much, Lora!! :hug: 
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Beautiful card!
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You wellcome!
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