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Long eared owl

Long eared owl

miniature painting, 8cm x 8cm (about 3inch x 3 inch)

acrylic on bristol carton
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Wow~ amasing)
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This is beautiful
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I love how you make your art come out of the main area
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That's pretty tiny XD

How on earth did you paint this?
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Thank you! Oh, I like painting small. :) You get used to it.
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It's beautiful :)
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Nice work :) I like how the pine needles break out of the frame!
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Thank you very much!
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Beautiful! It looks like watercolor, but I can see it's acrylic.
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Thank you very much! :)
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Wow.................Incredible detail! I love the background and the whole piece is just gorgeous!
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Wow, thank you sooo much!!
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Thou art most welcome!
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If you were going to consider selling this...
What would you ask for it?
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Ooh, unfortunately this one is for my dad, for fathers day on Sunday – I can paint you another one if you like though... :)

I have sold six of those miniatures in the past to a couple in Florida, they payed me £100 per owl – including a frame (that's about $160 I think...) They were commissioned by them. So I would probably ask for about $120 unframed, including shipping.... (so $90 for you if you don't tell anyone!) ;) :hug:
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Hmmmmm... are you talking for an 'original' or a print..?
Cause, I could maybe seriously consider commissioning a small piece.
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That's for the original!
I would be honoured to be commissioned by you!!!! :) :hug:
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Too cool!!
You do wolves?
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