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One last submission before I head off into my Summer holidays - camping on the coast! :)

It's really funny how my boyfriend and I are *SO* different when it comes to camping. For me, holiday in a tent is... well, just that! Nature. Easy and simple. Sleeping on the floor, not much to think about. A small bag, a couple of tees and my toothbrush (that's *very* important to me! I never travel anywhere without toothbrush, even if I'm allowed only one item and have to leave everything else behind!) Oh, maybe my sunglasses and a bikini, but that's it.

My other half: He needs his air bed, his pillow (ooh yes, his PILLOW!!), several solar powered lamps, a big selection of different pans and pots, most of our cutlery... He booked power at the campsite, took about 5 power leads, the electric kettle, cooker, and ...the fridge! He seriously took the friggin' fridge. :D I'm not stopping him, he's a great cook and I know I won't starve with him & our fridge around, but... we are going CAMPING. I asked him whether he wants to pack the sink as well, but no. Sink stayed at home. It took him all day to load up the car with all kinds of things, while I haven't started packing yet. I will just grab a few things in the morning and that'll do me. Happy days!!

Actually, I did this miniature a few months back, I simply forgot to post it here. It is tiny, about 9cm x 9cm (3.5" x 3.5") 
Acrylic on paper. It is for sale, £85 + postage (unframed and not mounted, as it is). Just note me if you like to own a piece of me... :heart: 
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This is so incredible !!!!!!!!! WOW ! Speechless....
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Great job.... she actually reminds me of Kylie Jenner for some reason O_o .. well enjoy camping! I agree with your boyfriend about the must have pillow. I can't go traveling without my pillow even if it's the end of the world.. OMG 

Happy Travels!
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fantastic work :) Enjoy camping :D
skytteole's avatar it!
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Thank you very much!
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Wunderschönes Bild, soviel Kunst auf kleinem Raum :)
Ich hoffe ihr habt viel Spaß in eurem Urlaub und dass du dich gut erholst!
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Danke Dir! Ja, war toll nur leider viel zu kurz.
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Wie so oft...aber schön zu hören :)
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:faint: It's simply beautiful. 
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Thank you so much xxx
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Simply breathtaking! how long did you work on this masterpiece for?
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Thank you so much!! It took me about a week.
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Beautiful piece!
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Thank you so much! :)
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This is really nice :D Enjoy your camping trip! :)
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Thank you so much!! 
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Lovely piece especially the background, good luck with camping/glamping!
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Thank you so much! :)
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butthurr with me sex and orgasms?
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