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Busy doing art shows

I'm exhibiting at the "Hobbycraft & Art Materials LIVE" show in Birmingham until the 20th of March. That's me at my booth, selling my prints & postcards & art books & originals & more... I'm in Hall 11 stand D44, in case you are in the area and want to say hello. :) 

This weekend will get absolutely crazy, there are different shows happening in the other halls at the same time: ComicCon is on (I spotted quite a few Storm Trooper cosplays already), "The Photography show" is happening in another hall, "The Big Bang Science Show", and, next to us, "Cake International". A whole big exhibition hall full of the most amazing sugar coated cakes, and a big 'bake off' competition. 

Dangerous places, these art shows. :D Not even to mention that our show is called "Art Materials LIVE", and there are PLENTY of art materials one can buy. Will end up bringing far more things home than I came with..... 
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You look so professional and all, sitting there, proper posture and everything.  I know Johnny Cash would approve. ;)  [that one is a little maybe out of your wheelhouse, but google him and somewhere in the reading of his bio, pretty sure you'll get it]


If I thought you needed it, I would wish you good luck, but my Spidey Sense tells me that you will do well without it.  Which isn't to say that I don't wish you well, as I do that at all times.

Got my book by the way.  Smaller than I thought it would be, but that is actually a good thing.  Easier to prominently display that way.  Loved the drawing.  You rock, woman.
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Omg so pro my opisite self :faint:
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Well, I *try* to look professional.... it doesn't always work, though. ;)

I'm back home now, and I'm absolutely shattered and feel as if a London bus and two black taxis had run me over. One doesn't realise at the time how exhausting it is. All those people, the noise, the bad air, and they have a lot of questions. I have lost my voice completely. Overall, I had a good turnover, and a lot of people showed interest. If I had one of these shows every month, I wouldn't have to worry. 

The next big thing will be the London Comic Convention in May, I can't tell you how much I look forward to that one!! There will be a lot of Star Wars going on this year! Need to wipe the dust off my lightsaber....

Ooh, I'm glad your book arrived! Yay!!

I'm a bit puzzled you thought it was bigger, as I have stated the exact measurements and volume in my listing - was that not displayed on ETSY? Or did you overlook this? I'm a bit worried now! I pay for ETSY, so I would hope they display what I set up in my listings!

There are two reasons why I chose this size: First of all, any bigger and I could not ship it as a large letter. Postage would get so high, it would put people off to purchase it. Secondly, this is the size all the sketchbooks/publications have that the artist offer at the ComicConventions, and which people collect. I didn't want my book not fit in to people's collections! Most of the booklets I bought from other artists have less pages  and are stapled, which I don't like. It doesn't look as professional as a proper book with a spine binding.

I had the original booklet designed in a square format which I really liked, but it would have been awkward to ship, so I abandoned the idea and decided to blend in with the other artists. :) 
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Omg so pro my opisite self I think I've fainted.
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I overlooked the description.  I don't know why I thought it should be bigger, because, no kidding, two other sketch books I have purchased from folks on DA were of a similar size.   Expectations, I guess, or something.  I just want "Big Things" for you.

Anyway.. Glad you had a good time and it was a success.  I can totally grok the bad air thing, though, as well as the noise.  I have a hard time with crowds myself - bit claustrophobic - and tend to avoid large gatherings for that very reason.  It would be hard enough for me to just go to something like that, let alone hang around all day for however long it ran.  But a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, I guess, even when he's a woman.

All that being said, I've always wanted to go to a comic-con.  The big one here, in San Diego, is booked for like 5 years in advance, so that is pretty much out of the question, but I think it really could be a gas seeing all the cosplay costumes and checking out the toys and collectibles.  Getting out without bankrupting myself could be a problem, though.  

So, you know, take lots of pictures while you're there and don't be miserly about sharing them.

And, of course, as always... good luck and all like that there.
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Ooh, your stamps arrived today! Shame the post office is now closed until Tuesday because of Easter, but after that, they will go out to you! :hug: 

With the full force and warp speed :heart: 
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Our Postal Service doesn't close..  Sunday is a non-delivery day anyway, but that's it. Mail delivery tomorrow, Saturday and Monday.

Saturday is my birthday, so I will be getting toys and they will preoccupy me until the stamps arrive.  Still....

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Ooh, in that case: Happy Birthday to you! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: 

To be honest, the post offices in the bigger towns are probably open, it's just our privately run little village post service that is closed.

Anyway, I will raise a glass for you tomorrow! :) :hug:
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Stand looks great Claudia! Hope they've turned the heating on since setting up? :lol: Best of luck!
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Thank you!! :) They did, unless it just gets warm with all these people in the hall. You wouldn't believe those masses, with the ComicCon and the photography show in full swing as well. It was so very crowded all day. I feel as if I need a week long sleep, but I still have to survive a whole show day tomorrow.
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No worries :D last day tomorrow though eh :)
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I'm back home now, and I'm absolutely shattered and feel as if a London bus and two black taxis had run me over. I slept most of yesterday.... One doesn't realise at the time how exhausting it is. All those people, the noise, the bad air, and they have a lot of questions. I have lost my voice completely. I had a great weekend! :) 
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Sounds good but tiring! I said I bet you lose your voice aswell :lol: Never fun! Did you see your feature on my homepage? :)
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Ooh, I have only just seen it, thank you so much!!! You are too kind!! :heart: :hug: 

That really made my day! :) 

That's especially great after I had such a crappy day today... had to deal with a rejection for a design job I truly badly wanted - it was for the new design of the Vienna National Theatre program & posters. At least they sent a nice mail, saying they had over 600 applicants for this work. I'm normally fine with rejections, but that was something I really wanted to do, so I'm a bit disappointed. 
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That sucks, sorry to hear that!

And you're very welcome :hug:
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Sounds and looks amazing! :D
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It was really great, but so exhausting. I'm glad I don't do this every weekend, to be honest.

It's really cool to see all the work I did together on the wall, I have to say. I normally only ever see the last work I did or what I'm working on at that moment, so it's great to have it all visible at once. :) 
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Yes well be afraid, be very afraid of the Cake International exhibition, just advice from a sugar hound.  I really hope you manage a large amount of sales.  Best wishes to an exceptional artist.
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Thank you so much! You are too kind. :) 
I have to say, although it's great fun and nice to see all the work at once on the wall, I'm glad I don't do this every weekend. I still haven't completely recovered yet and I'm already back home for a few days. Or maybe it's the sugar withdrawal, who knows... ;) 
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