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Behind the drums / Gavin Harrison's drumkit

Just stumbled over this photo I took on the Porcupine Tree tour in the Royal Albert Hall in London and thought I should share it.... It's not the best quality photo, but I still like the colours and the whole feel to it.
This was just before the band came back on to play the encore.

Must be quite impressive to play a show in this venue, it's such a gorgeous location :heart:

EDIT: This photo made it on the new SONOR Drums 2012 catalogue!! It's great to be rewarded every now and then... :)
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can I download it as a digital version?
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I want this Drum Kit xD
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....and Porcupine tree of course :)
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I think these drums belongs to Gavin Harrison, one of my favorite drummers, from "Office of Startegic Influence". Nice pic! :)
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Thank you! :) Yes, that's Gavin's drum kit. Last show of the PT tour, two years ago. :)
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awesaome photo :) But haven't you got a better quality/bigger size?? I wanna make a poster from it or just wallpaper to my desktop! :) but simply, beautifull capture :)
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I have enable a print version of it, I would be delighted if you would buy a print. :)
i love drums so much--because of this pict..i begin listening to their music!!! more catalog for me...thnx!!!
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Thank you so much!! You are too kind! :hug:
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Awesome set-up. I love the "pipe" with all the little splashes on it.
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Yes, I love those as well!! He cuts them himself, out of old ones that broke during shows. As you can imagine, they do have a very unique sound... :)
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Yeah. I have four splashes, one of which is heavily cracked and makes a really unique sound. I paired it with a china of the same size to get a really goofy secondary hi-hat.
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This is epic! I swear Gavin himself would be impressed if he see this picture.
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You're welcome :)
Gavin has such a beautiful kit
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Yes, he has! :) Actually, this shot was chosen by SONOR (the company who produced this kit) for the cover of their new 2012 catalogue! :D Can't wait to get my hands on one of them!!
I truly love his drumming, i was so proud to see him on David Letterman here in America. He such a grateful guy who dedicates his life to being an amazing drummer. Yes the shot is excellent and congratulations that's really exciting and awesome! You have alot of great work!
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Fantastic picture, great colors and this drum set is amazing! Gavin Harrison is amazing!
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yes, he is, I like his drumming very, very much! :heart:
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Cool shot.
Have no Idea who Porcupine Tree [?] is, though I do know they are not Pink Floyd..;)
First time I can recall ever seeing someone set up his symbols upside down... curious.
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Thank you!! :)
No, those are not upside down, they are called China crash cymbals. They go this way around. And make a hell of sound.. ;)
Funny you mention Pink Floyd, they are influenced by them, and their old stuff was often compared with it. They became a bit more "heavy" over the years, works as well, although I prefer the more quiet stuff they used to do in the old days (they started out in 1987, going for a while now). You should check them out, they are masters on their instruments, every single one of them: [link]
...just have a look at the first video, the live one. Or, very much recommended, the audio "The Sky Moves Sideways" (further down in the list, you will know then what I mean about the Pink Floyd compares...)

Or: The video to "Way out of here", which they have written for an American teenage girl who was a fan. She got run over by a train while listening to them on her iPod. Always moves me to tears, whenever I see this video... :(

By the way, the company who produced this drum kit is apparently interested in this photo for the cover of their 2012 catalogue! Would be great, at least it's some kind of appreciation for my work & efforts.... :)
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Ya live long enough, you could learn everything..
Did not know there was any such an animal as a China Crash. Bet now that I do, I'll be seeing them everywhere.
I do like "The Sky Moves Sideways".. Might have to see what album that is on and check it out.
The other song is alright [Way Out of Here], but I can't help thinking it sounds like someone else I've heard before - or even lately.
Be great if you did get to sell the photo to the company. Great publicity for the band, too. Maybe...

[okay.. found it on - put it in my shopping cart. if I really like it, I will try others. thanks for the info]
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