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Chrysalis Watercolor

Be gentle, this was my first time using watercolors. :) Just a little portrait of Queen Chrysalis floating amongst the fireflies.
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So, I thought you might be interested in seeing that I found a good spot for it.

Thanks again for the painting.
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It looks great there!  Thanks for showing me!  I'm so glad she went to a good home. :)
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What size of paper was this done on btw? 7x10?
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Absolutely gorgeous! I love watercolor pieces... Keep up the good work! :)
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Thank you so much!
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She looks amazing! :D
Awesome job!
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I'm impressed. Mine always end up with lines around some of the colors. Were you really careful not to put down any extra water? Did you do some of the highlights by taking up paint with something dry? How big is the physical painting?
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Thanks!  Yes, I was very careful not to put down too much water.  Except with the background.  I did the background with wet paper/wet brush, but the rest of it was dry paper/wet brush, if that makes sense.  With most of the highlights, I was just careful to not paint on those areas with heavy color.  I did take up some of the paint around the fireflies with something dry, and then I had to use a little white colored pencil to bring that area out a little bit, so there weren't any weird little circles on the background where the fireflies should be.  XD 

The painting is 8 x 10"
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I love the background with the fireflies and the shading on her hair has such pretty colors.
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Submit this for a Drawfriend!
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Oh wow... I have no idea how to do that...
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I think all you have to do is e-mail it in.
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OMG! This is SO cute :love: Very nice work :D
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Hey, this is pretty good! I've never seen Chryssy so happy and fulla life!
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Thanks!  I thought she deserved a little cheery time.  :3
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