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Morgoth and Fingolfin.

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Morgoth: Boy you just had to interrupt my alone time, listening to the music of metal!

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One of the best illustrations of him!
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Thanks a ton, mate! :)
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Why does Fingolfin look like sinda? His hair was black.
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Yes I know. But I didn't know when I was painting it back in 2015. So it's a mistake.
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Is it big enough now, Peter Jackson? :P
But seriously, I would be terrified if a twenty-foot giant stalked towards me with a warhammer whose head was as big as I was. Fingolfin's got nerves of pure mithril to hold his ground against Morgoth...!
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I agree :) Tolkien described Morgoth as big as a mountain while his hammer smashes big holes into the ground. The image is accepted by the Tolkien-Society and other communities.
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Grond looks super wicked here. I also love the curve of Fingolfin's sword.
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Many thanks, Jesse! :)
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Terrifying when you remember Sauron was Morgoth-lite, but Sauron was a creature of ORDER (his love of perfection was married to an equal detesting of wastefulness), while Morgoth was a creature of CHAOS.
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Favorite moment in the Silmarillion. Fingolfin is a boss!
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Thank you very much! :) same here :)
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Excellent work!
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Thank you very much! :)
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Beautiful work. 
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Morgoth is such a great villain 
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Morgoth's armor and weapon is the epitome of everything that is insidious in Arda. Words cannot describe the sense of righteousness I get from Fingolfin challenging Morgoth to single combat.

This is a well done piece!
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