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Atlach Nacha - Fantasy Art by Helge C. Balzer

By helgecbalzer
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A big hug from Atlach Nacha today … Monday morning can't be nicer, right?

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I am genuinely terrified. :fear:

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Fantastic artwork!

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Am I the only one who thinks of Nyarlathotep when I see this?

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RIP hp lovecraft

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am i the only one that thinks this looks like one of the creatures from the Thing prequel?

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I get the same vibe, overall its a great piece

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With that head tendril it kinda looks like Nyarlathotep pretending to be Atlach Nacha.

I'm on to you Nyarly!

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yes, I really hated that feature on the creature, but I wasn't in charge of the design ... I just made that illustration.

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That is incredible i like it .

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Is that the new spiderman?
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hes mad becuase i stole his minecraft girl

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If it bleeds, we can kill it... (`Д´)

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If I recall "The Seven Geases" correctly, Atlach-Nacha had a high-pitched and whiny voice and was reluctant to accept sacrifices. :D That's odd for a semi-divine monstrosity.

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Truly Nightmarish and Grotesque! SPLENDID!

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Wonderful stuff, love it!

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