I don't really get dA anymore...

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Comes with being absent, I guess... I don't even know what does it mean to have my journal in "Feature" and "The Journal Portal" and I'm too don't-really-care-about-it-anymore to do a faq search. I'm just happy I get to keep my really cool CSS skin. *phew*

That said, if you have twitter and wanna know what I've been up to do follow me. I'm eloisavaldes there. C ya on the other side? Maybe? ;)

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Been a long time, I hope you're doing well.
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O título agora vem depois? Os journals são como deviations?
Também não sei do que falas, mas gosto de vir cá ver o que algumas pessoas fazem.
I still like Deviantart :)
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Me too. Tou a tentar voltar, agora!
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I thought you quited DA... :P
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and I did, this is just a reminder I'm still alive and kicking elsewhere, to see if ppl follow me there, cause I still miss some folks. ^^;
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I can confirm that the Cake is still a Lie. :crazy:
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It is what it is...
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aaaand I'm coming back to it!
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I don't get it either, really.
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I'll give it another try. Now.
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I've always stayed away from the drama (except one time that was mildly high-profile in one sub-group, when the asshole deserved it, but that was personal and involved my friend). Everything I've always loved about dA is still here.  The universe has just gotten bigger.  It used to be a city when I got here.  Now it's a country.  The really old-timers remember when it was a town.  The admins remember when it was just the glee club.  The fundamentals have never changed.  Find those you like and stick to that.  Ignore the rest.  There are good artists here, and they love and support each other.

The drams are just drams.  Drop them.
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I shall do that, this time 'round! :aww: (yes, I'm back)
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:heart:  Yeah,  I know.
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You should came here more! There's still a lot of cool stuff and awesome people around. :)
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