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Deviation Actions

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Visiting dA after a year or more is fun. I've been maintaining a convo with one of my oldest dA friends in here. We both reply very late. I think we're gonna have a record of the oldest ongoing thread between 2 people in here! xD

Anyway, I can't recall the last time I logged in but it was ugly AF. Today it's my b-day (35, OMFG, time flies! I still remember being a minor on dA!) and I came back and got a really nice surprise with dA's layout coming back a bit to the old times. Not really coming back, but it's very evocative. We're getting the green back (not the same but at least it's better than those awful dark or white ones) and some of the UI even reminds me of some stuff we used to have, like sidebars and shit.

And the way we can now see the deviations from ppl we follow is cool too, and remind me of back then. FINALLY, I can get a quick sense of what I like or not, again. Thank you!

-Oh, but... hummm... How do I mark as seen and delete them from there? They just keep on pilling. HALP! I can't find the buttons anymore! Where's the check all + mark as read? :x-


Found it!

Thanks! ^^;

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Happy Bday and welcome back! :cake:

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yo, Happy Birthday!

while you're checking out the old stomping ground I'm trying to leave again haha, spooky timing..

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:dummy: hiii!

oh, no! I'm going backwards, whyyy? D: