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arwenita who did an excellent job with the site and a design for a mug also made some posters for me to fix in the street and wait for some calls... It has been working:
I have sucessfully found a new home for 14 kittens in the past 2 months! :eager:

Thank you, Gis!
And thank you to everyone who is helping! I love you! :heart:

:pointr: For the whole story and more updates on the kittens go to the blog of www.44kittens.com 44kittens.com please...  thank you! <3

:new: ATTENTION: My adress changed now, if you are going to send something with the old address please don't. note me and I'll give you the new one! ^^;
:heart: thank you!

Short story

You can read the whole story in the 44kittens.com site to fully understand it, but here's a summary:

Our home is some sort of pet rescuing home, only not official – meaning: we don’t get any support! We do it from our own pockets.

We have lots of space for them, because we live in the country, we have a house attachment that is HUGE and is currently used only to shelter the cats; we feed them, clean the place everyday, cure them when they are ill, give them love and cuddles and - especially my mom - are totally dedicated to them.

We need your Help!

All help is welcome, either food, blankets, meds, money (paypal account: helewidis@gmail.com ), offering art/commissions for those who donate as some sort of reward for donating, parts of profits of your art/crafts sales, etc, etc... There are lots of way you can help!

The first step is sharing the link of the site: 44kittens.com with everyone you know online or offline! The more people who knows about this, the more chances the kittens will have of continuing to have a good home instead of just being in the street or killed, like some people want to and even do!!!

Our Goals:

To me it is uber important that we spay and neuter and feed those cats. I'm working on 3 levels to sort things out:

1. Spay and Neuter (aka sterilize them) - you can donate to helewidis@gmail.com (paypal account) THANK YOU!!!  

2. Food, blankets and medicine – medicine especially for the eyes, sometimes I rescue cats with their eyes closed with some yellow stuff in it and a cold - the poor cats!
--- In case you want to send something of these 3 items I can give you my address in a note. Just note me…

3. Getting loving homes for them (especially the new borns)
--I just found out a portuguese site were people can make pub of rescued cats for getting them a home. Neat, uh? I mean, 44 is just too much to handle right now, and I'm afraid until they won't get spayed and neutered they'll keep on coming, since the lady cats puke their pills!

:pointr: I  got a suggestion to make our home a non-profit organization, so that companies can donate to our cats too and get to have proofs for taxes. – I have already started to look out if this is possible in my country.

-A customized button for my paypal account would be great too! Feel welcome to use my cat's pics in order to do that in case you have some free time! :aww:

:pointr: I'm also contacting PETA, Best Friends Animals and SPA (the latter is a portuguese one) to see if we can get help for the neuter and also to find homes for part of the kittens. I'm also in some portuguese sites for kittens adoptions. Basically, I'm trying everything I can/know of off. If you have a suggestion please do it! :nod:

How you can Help:

- spread the word about this
- donate money to paypal
- buy my prints – all the profit I’ll make there will go to the kittens
- offer your art (free commissions) as a reward for people who donate (you can even setup a minimum in case you don’t want to get flooded with requests)
- offer a part of your profits from your art sales, auctions, etc
- donate food, blankets, toys and meds (note me for this and I’ll give you the address) – an example of a med we use a lot is Optrex, a cleaning liquid for the eyes, and also serum physiologic.
- Invent a new way to help – I’m wide open to suggestions and new ideas! :iconyesyesyesplz:

In Return you’ll get:

- the love of 44 kittens
- my love
- your devname in a wall of thank you’s from the 44kittens site
- a smile in your face because you’ll know you have helped a family of 44 kittens and also me, my mom, my brother and my grandma, who will also get a smile in our faces!
- In case you donate to paypal: free art commissions – read below for that, please.

Thank you for all the help!!

. Offering Food/Blankets/Toys/Meds: Rellaenthia and GravihK and LenaSkates - Thank you!*

:new: * btw, my adress changed now, if you are going to send something with the old address please don't. note me and I'll give you the new one! ^^; thank you! <3

. Donations & Profits from sales : Too many to keep track of in both here and in the site. Now all the names are in the site! :) Thank you!

Linking this page: you guys/gals are countless!!! *faints* You know who you are, and so does everybody who have come here through your journal. I’ll try to put all of your names in here when I have some more time (prolly in xmas ^^; ). In the meanwhile: THANK YOU!!!

:new: List of ART Commissions:

Yerials-Lost-Wings is offering free sketches (per request) for anyone who donates (after I confirm to have gotten the donation, so please identify yourself with your devname in the notes there) to the kittens. AND she is offering a full color digital of their request to donations of a considerable value.

I have yet to think of what a considerable amount is, because to me every lil' bit helps, but I also don't want Yerials-Lost-Wings to get flooded with requests!

I'm aiming at something above 20 euros - what do you think? too much? too less? I need about 4500 euros total just for neuter spay... but I also know everyone around here is outta money, so let me know what amount would you setup, so we can get this one rolling on, ok?

yuki-the-vampire is offering commissions to who donates. please contact her for details!

CatWoman4ever is  offering commissions to who donates, because she can't donate herself. the work will be anime-wise, in her words: "full color anime illustration to anyone who is able to make a donation to you." please contact her for details!

Setukas is having a commission for donation going on too! Check her journal for info on it, please: setukas.deviantart.com/journal…

NatassjaKing is also having a commission for donation going ot«n. please contact her for more details!

zananeichan is also having a commission for donation going on. please contact her for more details!

Iceburgwolf is also having a commission for donation going ot«n. please contact him for more details in: iceburgwolf.deviantart.com/jou… !

<3 Thank you!

If you're an artist and are willing to do the same as these kind souls I'll be much indebted to you too!

THANK YOU all of you!!!! I'm bursting tears of joy over here! I knew our devart community was very warm and with a heart, but you guys and gals still get to amaze me everyday!  


Now... onto some serious business and to clear some questions that were posed:

yes, I have 44 cats. They live in my hometown home and my mother is their primary care giver. We have a medical-care kit for ordinary medical issues and we give them (the baby-cats) special milk, not cows milk, we know they can't take that. We sometimes have to nurture them instead of their mother's because sometimes their mother don't have milk and are very thin after having them. At this moment the cat on the picture is almost 3 months old and he now drinks on his own, as well as his sisters and brothers. they also eat special baby-cats meat, we call it "paté". The food is expensive when you have 44 cats (and counting), so I setup a paypal account to take donations. "Whiskas" (a brand of cats food around here) have sent us a package with lots of food and milk this summer, it was very useful, so if you can't donate money you can donate food. I'll also give my address for cat's food donations, just send me a note and I'll give it to you.  

EDIT: Oh, and for those who wonder: we keep them in an attachment of our house that has a lot of space for them to play and sleep, and we live in the country, so they also have a garden and a very extensive piece of earthy space to play when the weather allows it. We keep the lil' ones indoors until they are of age to go out and play with the other cats.  

:? Why do you need paypal donations?

Because we are not rich, that's why! AND we need to sterilize (neuter) the cats, so we don't have more cats around here. It's beginning to be TOO MUCH sand for our truck, if you know what I mean...

Paypal account: helewidis@gmail.com

:? Why do you keep those cats?

Because nobody wants them, it all started with a cousin of mine bringing home a cat she found in a dumpster about 10 years ago - now we are at a point that our own neighbours drop their cats in our home when they don't want them anymore - and the cat-house (cat-pound? you know, houses of the government for pets) in our hometown is just... well, unexistent!

Paypal account: helewidis@gmail.com

:? Why don't you give them a pill or sterilize (neuter) them?

We DO give them the pill, but they spill it out in our backs - we found that only this summer. And we want to take them to the vet and make that surgery, but it costs a LOT and we don't have any money! So that's why we setup a paypal account for donations. The donations would be used in order to pay for those surgeries for all the cats and just STOP this madness.

Paypal account: helewidis@gmail.com

:? Why do you need donations (again)?

My mother is unemployed and my grandmother sells art, which doesn't make much money, as you can imagine. My brother needs constant medical care - expensive one, due to his asperger's syndrom and now in this summer he was diagnosed with another syndrom, which basically makes him having chronic jaundice - he has 14 years old. I'm attending uni and it's just too expensive and I'm on the risk of not being able to pay the university fees this year. So, you see, we really don't have the money to pay for those surgeries for the cats, and the pills aren't working anymore for our situation.

So, we need money for the surgery, and we'd appreciate any cat's food donations too.

Paypal account: helewidis@gmail.com

Note me and I'll give you an address for food donations.  thank you!

So, let me know... would you help us stop this madness? :please:

:? Suppose I'd make a donation but you still don't have all the money for all of them, what will you do when more cats are born?

In the meantime, while we aren't able to pay for the surgeries, we are willing to give cats - especially the baby-ones when they are ready to live without their mothers - to anyone in portugal that is loving and caring towards cats.

We'll have to talk about it carefully, though. I won't give the cats like if they were toys. You have to convince me that you are caring, have the time and resources to take care for a cat (or two - they are better in pairs)...

If you are in Portugal and interested in having a gorgeous kitten let me know!

:excited: Coming Soon
The 44 kittens: list of the names + pics of all the 44
The site: www.44kittens.com/

:blowkiss: Love you!

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A terrible thing: no one to blame."

~ Erica Jong

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I've always admired your dedication to cats and i try to help with what i can... atm just posting this to my journal and facebook ^^;