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Soft kitty... Warm kitty...

Wow. More than 2 years later, I'm posting a deviation.
This is mostly to tell you gaiz I miss you. Nope, still not coming back, but would love to have more contact with you, so...

Here's my tumblr: [link] /in there you'll find other ways/links to contact me), so call me, maybe... :flirty:
Hope you do. C ya!

Note: Had some post-work on Adobe's Lightroom to even out the background plus minor adjustments in contrast, etc.
I have no problems with the Darkroom gallery, but I decided to post it under Nature because it's mainly a photo and of a cat, and not some big Darkroom work.
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1/200 second
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50 mm
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Aug 25, 2008, 1:16:35 PM
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noscopers can't rekt dis kat c0s he is adorable Σ>―(灬⁺д⁺灬)♡―――>
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I literally did not understand what you said. xD
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Oh, eu sou as vezes um parvo.
Por palavras, o gato é adorável.
Não sei como as pessoas de Portugal podem abandonar-lhes.
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Também não sei como arranjam coragem para tal, mas vai daí, vivemos num mundo de bombas atómicas, casamentos com crianças e afins... :\
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I like this picture because It's a cat. I like cats :3 Keep putting up cute cat pics :3 So cute! meow
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:thanks: Thank you! I won't promise anything, though. My photographic interests have changed. :x
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So, can we call you? Do you have WhatsApp? x) Awwwww

I'm also back here catching up things, I hope to also stay for a while, it would be my pleasure to see you here! :hug: :heart:
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I have snapchat! :hug:
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I have not xD;;; Telegram maybe? :flirty:
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Viber? I don't have telegram. xD
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Lol, you’re a slippery fish, hard to catch! X3
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ok, ok! I have telegram, now! ^^;

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Just gorgeous :)
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But... The kitten isn't wearing a bow tie?
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It'd be too much coolness for any living soul to recover from! 8)
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Cuteness overlooooooooooooooooad!
Miss you too :)
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KITTY! :la:

Hope you're doing well, miss you. :c
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