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cat's name: Mestre, in english: master, because he leads the way...

want to know more or help this kitten? click: [link] or if you are already familiar with the situation you can donate.

I've finally setup a paypal account to receive donations for the rescued cats! It is: - if you could donate something (every dollar/euro counts) and/or share it in your journal I'd be much indebted with you! :cuddle:

thank you :heart:
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so beautiful n cute shot
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Great photo and such a sweet kitty!!! :heart:
I love his name.
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this is so lovely!!!
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Hi, i have adopted a new baby kitten, one month. The owners said that the baby is already eating solid food but it doesn't appear like that =/ the kitten doesn't care for anything we put in from of her, not even water so we are trying to bottle feed her for a few days
if you can, will you tell me where to get bottles? =/
maybe the feeding schedules? i read they should feed 3 times a day, but i don't know how much to give >_< i'm affraid that i might over feed her
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Hey there! One month seems to me to be too soon for solid food only, but some cats may start on some soft solid food by that time. I don't see it often, though. These bottles we have we made them, out of some bottles of "soro fisiológico" (Physiological saline) that we emptied and cleaned. I heard there are some syringes for feeding that you can buy, though. We used to feed them 3 times a day until they started to show signs of not wanting more, each time. They usually start to get restless when they are full. Take it from the kittens, they're the ones who know if they are still hungry or not. Oh, and there's usually always one that eats more than the others, in a litter. That one is going to be big, but not necessarily fat. Just check out if he doesn't steal food from the others, when they pass to solid (this if you have more). Also, the milk... it must not be cow's milk. It has to be a special milk for kittens, cause cow's milk is bad for cats. And when you pass him to solid food it has to be a special one, too. For the first days. It's really better if you check out with a vet, if it's your very own first kitten. You must be filled with doubts.

Congrats on your baby kitten! :aww: Hope you have plenty of time for him, they need a lot of attention. Sometimes another kitty as a companion is a good idea, in case you're out a big part of the day.
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I'm in love with how adorable it is! <3 Very nice shot of capturing it's baby cuteness.
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smiles... reminds me of when Tigger was a baby, I had to do that with him...can't believe he's been gone for a week now... these kinds of pictures make me smile and go aweeee and then make me want to crawl in through the screen to pet the kitteh
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Thank you! :thanks:

I'm sorry for you loss. What happened to him?
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13 yrs old, pure bred Maine Coon male... hip displacement due to getting kicked in the side by whoever broke into my house a while back.. and I found out he was half deaf and blind in one eye with cicatrix's in the other. He also had not been eating right or doing his business like he used to and was attacking me at night when I went to bed... so I widdle it to he was my little old fart and it was just his time.. shrugs...
took this about a week before he died [link] hard to believe that when I first got him he was only three inches tall
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Ooowhh... I had one like that (the looks)! :iconsootheplz:
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smiles... they often look similar but holy doodles do they ever have unique personalities hehe
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Oh yes they do!
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cute little kitty!
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Aww, cosita hermosa
Nunca había visto un biberón de esos, es de juguete o es especial para alimentar animales?
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É uma garrafa pequena de soro fisiológico. Depois de utilizado, limpámos e usámos como biberão! :love:
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This is so cute! It reminds me of my cat when she was a kitten. :)
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