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December 7, 2010
Suggester says, "At first I thought it was Greeks protesting against austerity measures, then I loved the contrast between the heart glasses and the finger!
Also suggested by `Tepara who said, "I love how she has captured the young ladies emotions. It shows how much this young lady in the shot feels about what she is doing, shes putting her all into it. Being at at the right place at the right time has its advantages!"
Latada 2010 - II by `Helewidis

[Photojournalism / Public Gatherings & Events]
Featured by Timothy-Sim
Suggested by StamatisGR
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Latada 2010 - II

Here they were doing a dance/chant that they call HAKA and I was fortunate enough to be in the right spot to shoot it. :happycry:

About Latada: "In Portugal, the homecoming is known as Recepção ao Caloiro (The Freshman's Reception). It includes numerous events and traditions born in the 19th century in the University of Coimbra. It is defined as a welcome to the new students, the freshmen (caloiros), and takes place at the beginning of the academic year in Portuguese university towns. In every classic public university of Portugal the homecoming is celebrated yearly. The events are followed in varying degrees by other less traditional or smaller institutions. A street parade of students, concerts, and sports events are always organized for the freshmen's reception. The street parade organized in several major Portuguese universities is known as Latada, and its name comes from the tradition of tying tin cans to the freshmen's legs (the word lata is tin can in Portuguese).

The events are organized by the students' union of the University of Coimbra, the Associação Académica de Coimbra, and occur at the beginning of the academic year. It is an important part of the praxe académica (student praxis) in Coimbra, followed by the city population as an ancient cultural manifestation and local tradition, and is also a tourist attraction for a number of visitors every year."

Font: [link]


. Canon 350D, 50mm f/1.8.

I stripped it down from Exif because I don't want to have that link to Amazon appearing. :paranoid:

EDIT: Wow. A DD! Thank you! :heart: Extra love for `Timothy-Sim, ^StamatisGR and `Tepara <3
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lá por Lisboa, sempre que aponto a minha máquina a um grupo desses caloiros, vem logo alguém chatear e meter-se à minha frente, argumentando coisas como "direito à imagem", "säo menores e você (portanto: eu) näo tem o direito de tirar-lhes fotos" e balelas do género. 
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Se estão num evento público esse direito à imagem não se aplica.

Claro que se alguma vez me viessem dizer que não querem ser fotografads eu apontava de forma a apanhar outras pessoas... Mas já não fotografo eventos há uns anitos.
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OMG - 1.6m views? Is that a record? :) And that does look like our Haka [link]
Awesome :)
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I think that was a bug with DDs some time ago. I doubt it had even half of those views, actually.

Thank you :aww:
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Thank you, Danny. :cuddle:
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AMO! Praxe é das melhores coisas do mundo c*ralho!!
E recebeste uma DD, altamente!!
Provavelmente querias dizer "Haka" =P

Sou caloira este ano na Escola das Artes da UCP, e A-DO-RO!
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Isso parace tao divertido~!!
…..nao consego fazer isso com o meus dedos :iconotlplz:
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Não consegues?? O_o Como???
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os meus dedos não são flexíveis sufficientes.... :iconotlplz:
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Simplesmente excelente, embora possa dizer o mesmo do resto das tuas fotos da latada =p, e só para acrescentar mais um pedaço de contexto, o pessoal estava todo afónico nos 2/3 dias depois do cortejo XD
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Obrigada! :aww: Tu eras o forcado, certo?
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Your work has been featured here § [link]
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Your work has been featured here § [link]
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A bit late, but congrats on the DD, Hele! :huggle:
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