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Having a girl in bed

:giggle: Flash in my bed, looking at the camera's bag strip... playing with it like if it was something to hunt! :flirty: so cute!

oh, and on a slight note: my brother found out flash isn't a boy, but a girl! ^^; and I've been calling flash as if she was a him so far... Ooops!

. used adobe lightroom to make the aged effect, btw. I'd put this in darkroom, but it's a cat, so it belongs in the nature gallery to my eyes.
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Hey! You have been featured here [link] :D
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Such a pretty kitty. And such a simple, pure shot. Gorgeous!
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thank you, Linnae!
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She looks so cuddly - and maybe a little bit devilishly :>
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a lil bit, yes :aww:
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Oh... kitty kitty kitty. I would so love to scratch her! :hug:
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scratch her? :wow: oh you mean stroke her? I dunno if she would like to be scratched :giggle: even tho she's quite the gentle soul :aww:

btw, she's missing now :noes:
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makes me wish my cat wasn't a stuck up little bitch :aww:
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I guess you could tame your cat - well not tame cause cats can't be tamed, but you know what I mean... calm her down with food and cuddles... :aww: and then when the cat is calming down you pick up the camera! :lol:

if you already tried that then I have nothing to say but hug you... :petting:
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when i went to cuddle her she ate my arms
they're supposed to do that right?

now i gotta bit of trouble holding the camera
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What a little cutie! I thought my female cat was a boy for the first few months I had her :giggle:
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Mas que expressão de concentração na "presa" prestes a sentir a fúria da Flash! :)
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ela ag desapareceu :cries:
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First off, the cat is adorable :aww: Second, I like the yellowish tint to this picture, it works really well :D
Helewidis's avatar
thank you :aww:

btw, she disappeared some days ago :|
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wow she got big! you an always alter the name Flash to make it sound more like a girls name. :lol:

Flashette? I kept the name Fate for my boy who i thought was girl, so maybe you can just do that.

I do love the sheets, :heart: Sami
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she disappeared, so now I can't even call her.. :(
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